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Even though I only went back to my room almost 7am, I still woke up before noon. But I wasn’t on the mood anymore to go out and think of any activities to do. All I wanted is to relax and planned to do nothing the whole day. I was like eating my breakfast for merely two hours just listening to my mp3s and look so exhausted LOL.

Past 1pm, I went to the beach area and stayed there for a while together with many people chilling out after a tiring NYE. Then I decided to stroll around the Patong area to look for souvenirs. But I ended up in the massage centre. ;) 

Before you think of anything peculiar, I went to a “legit” massage centre OK. :P A lot of massage parlor there offering an “exciting and fun” session but I’m not looking for that OK. Some people recommended to try this and that for reasonable price but nahhh I’m too good for that! Bwahahaha (* I don’t need anyone’s reaction here hehehe).

I went to C&N Massage Centre located near my place. I had a 3-hr body scrub, body wrap, with aromatherapy massage. I felt a bit uncomfortable because I was fully naked hahaha but the masseuse was very professional and know how to take good care of their client.  But all in all, it was OK. Not really spectacular but good enough for its price.  Again, this is legit / authentic OK. ;)

After the massage, I went back to my room and had another massage (*just kidding! Goodness, this is a wholesome blog... and I’m wholesome you know... I’m not like Mark OK!  Peace bro!). Ok I better stop this before I can say something else here bwahahaha.  :P

Around 7pm, I met Rob and we went to the bookstore somewhere in JungCeylon Mall before we head to Starbucks for coffee break. I wasn’t really feeling well this time because I ate heavy meal in McDo after the massage. This was the only 1st time I felt a stomach ache during my stay in Phuket. I blamed McDo for this hehehehe...

After coffee break, we had our dinner somewhere in a local restaurant. My stomach’s still full so I didn’t eat. I would love to try the local food like those he tried but wrong timing, I wasn’t feeling well. There’s always a next time though. After our dinner, I went back to my room first to take a med and to use the CR to release the tension hahahahaha. :P

Then I went back to the party place with him and started the partaayyyy! The rest is history bwahahaha.

(*Sorry no pictures for this because I forgot to charge the bat of my cam huhuhu).

jegs76 says:
masarap ang Mcdo?// since when? ;)
Posted on: Jan 24, 2009
marksouthampton says:
ok ok lol
Posted on: Jan 24, 2009
darkinvader143 says:
waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh quiet bro! ssshhhhhh :P
Posted on: Jan 24, 2009
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