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Well, long journey coming up in January. I do love road trips but I'm not so crazy about the coming journey to see my ailing  mother-in-law in San Antonio, Texas. Since giving birth,  I have made a few trips but nothing as  long as the distance from Sierra Vista to San Antonio. I shall of course update you as we go. For now, we are planning to make  a few stops seeing as my son Alexander is not too crazy about his car seat. His patience is short and he has figured out that if he cries loud enough, I will relent and pick him up, so guess what he does???

4:30 am, Mark is up and I can hear him making coffee, running water in the bathroom and walking around with heavy feet.

It is that time of morning when my body just does not wish to move or my head turn. My favorite time to sleep is the wee hours; Mark waits until quarter to 5:00 am before he gently tags at my sheets to get me up. I reluctantly get up; the smell of coffee has filled the entire house, but all I want is a hot cup of tea. We had packed our bags the night before and put everything at the back of the Highlander. The temperature in Sierra Vista had dropped to 28 degrees the night before with frost everywhere. Luckily I had for the first time in 2 years moved the car into the garage; Mark was amazed that  I had actually done so seeing as I use the garage mainly for storage.

My tea was ready, Desire was ready and reading her book, Alexander woke up just about the same time I was putting my tea in a travel cup.

5:30 am, we were leaving the drive way headed towards highway 90. It was dark outside, the road as clear and quite as one would expect this early on New Year's day. Mark was the only alert person in the car because he is used to being up at 4:00 am for work. I was glad I was not driving otherwise we would have left the house no later than 9:00 am.

As we traveled the highway, past the Border Patrol station, I counted just 2 large trucks headed East towards El Paso. The ride was smooth and I dozed off as Mark drove us towards Las Cruces where we planned to have breakfast. I was awaked by a bump in the road that Mark did not try to avoid, the sun was rising and I found myself wondering when the last time was that I saw the sun rise. It has been a while.

The sun rises from the east, and since we were driving eastward, the rays hit us so strong it was hard to see forward. Luckily Mark had is big boys dark sunglasses to shield his eyes from the sunrise. I drove a while before we made a stop to refuel in Demming, New Mexico. In a bid not to waste time, we did not get out of the car after refuelling, we headed straight to Las Cruces where we had a heart warming breakfast at Dennys. I have reveiewed the Dennys in Las Cruces under my New Mexico Blog.

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