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Two days, and I've already acclimated to the time change, which means that my bedtime is now 10AM instead of 11PM:) I had heard that many went out at 2AM, however, I didn't truly believe them UNTIL I experienced it myself last night:) I didn't quite believe it when I glanced at my watch until I exited the building to the street below discovering that it was indeed daylight! I slept right up until we were to leave for the Boca Junior game!! :) Stumbling out of bed and arriving downstairs just as the bus arrived to pick us up, I found my amigos and left with much anticipation and excitement!

We, of course, stopped off for a little carne aka chorizo before the game! You can't be in Argentina and not have meat at every meal! The closer we walked to the stadium, the fuller the calles became and the more blue and yellow we saw.

Argentinian futbol games are like nothing else I've experienced. The people are PASSIONATE about the game! It is not just a game to be watched. One needs to experience it by being an active participant. The game begins far before the whistle blows as the fans begin gathering and putting up their bright signs. It is a sea of blue and yellow- each proudly standing awaiting the team to take the field. Vendors, decked out in Boca's colors, come through selling premier (or should I say BLACK MARKET ) jerseys and rosarie beads (saying a little prayer for your team never hurts it!).

The long awaited BOCA team entered the stadium through tubes much like football players exit. The crowd roared and stood! The moment before the team entered was the last time that we would be sitting and the last time it would be semi-silent in the stadium.

Drums, music, singing, and shouts of Guillermo echoed throughout the stadium throughout the afternoon and night. Their songs tell of their passion for the game as well as their undying love and commitment to their team. Eventually, I found myself singing along, raising my arm up to participate.. becoming part of the madness erupting throughout the stadium. It is a beautiful experience!!

Boca soundly defeated their opponent 5-1 making it a great fubol victory to behold as Guillermo struck the final nail with great accuracy. I came to appreciate even more the way that Argentinians play.. with heart.. with soul...with skill!


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My hostel offered a package deal to the futbol game! I, of course, thought it was a deal, until discovering that tickets cost 15 pesos! I willingly paid 120 pesos to go with the group, which included transportation and a great chorizo snack as well as avid Argentinian futbol fanatic guides:) PRICELESS!

The closer we walked to the stadium, the fuller the calles became, and the more blue and yellow I saw. Futbol in Argentina is like nothing else I've experienced, and I grew up playing futbol! The people are extremely passionate about the game. It is not just a game to be played or to be watched... it is to experience it fully by being an active participant. The game begins far before the whistle blows as the fans begin gathering hours beforehand.

The Stadium, River Platte
.. vendors come through the crowds with the offer of premier jerseys (much like the black market jerseys!!:), coke products (BEWARE of the may find a surprise in your coke container... after all, they "recycle" by using the discarded cups to serve you your requested beverage!!), rosarie beads representing the team, and the much desired popsicles!

It was a sea of blue and yellow..each fan proudly standing and awaiting the team to take the field. At this level there is a junior team and an elite team. The junior team entered the field first to shocase their talent just as a musician trying to gain footing would go before the main act. In the end the long awaited BOCA team entered the stadium through tubes much like American football players exit in a big game.

Roger Waters performing
In this moment, the crowd takes to its feet, and this is the last time you find yourself sitting during the game. Drums, music, singing, chanting, etc. is common place throughout the competition. The singing is never-ending, and it is constantly changing from the many songs about BOCA, el mejor equipo y amor or Guillermo or #7 or #9 as they make great plays. Their songs tell of their passion for the game as well as their undying love and commitment to the team. I found myself singing along, raising my arm to participate, becoming part of the madness erupting in the stadium. It truly is a beautiful experience!

Boca soundly defeated their opponent 5-1.. a great victory to behold, and a rarity in futbol! I came away with the same feeling after watching the Argentinian national team play in the World Cup.. knowing that I saw people playing with heart and passion... making the game of futbol once again a thing of beauty, creativity, and soul.

David says:
fixed =)
Posted on: Mar 31, 2007
Isoinspira says:
lol!! I didn't even catch that until you metioned it:) I guess that the google map believes that La Boca, Argentina, South America is near the Indian Ocean:)
Posted on: Mar 31, 2007
Kramerdude says:
Either there's an odd Google map location or suddenly some piece of S. America ended up in the middle of the Indian Ocean?!?
Posted on: Mar 31, 2007
Fanatical Boca FANS!!

Some of my hostelmates heard that Roger Waters was performing at River Platte in BA, so we decided to test our luck and try and find some tickets for the concert, especially after hearing rave reviews from some locals. We didn't imagine encountering a barracade barring us from one of the entrances to the streets, nor did we imagine not being able to find scalpers along the streets or finding that the ticket booths were closed! Some of the guys came up with a plan of entering the stadium by bribing the ticket takers. This backfired as not only were we turned away by the high schoolers working the entrances, but we were also chased out by the head of security after he discovered that we were trying to enter via bribes (the Latino way!!).

On our way across the street, one of the gals ran into a guy who promised to find 5 tickets for us.

He was in constant contact with someone via his walkie talkie, and suddenly, out of nowhere, a dodgy character appeared. He immediately herded us up to a white van, which was directly across from one of the entrances. As we peered around the van, we were quietly ushered to the back of the van so as to be obscured from those at the entrance. It was made known that we were unable to go in front of the van, but were required for this operation, to hide behind it! IN the meantime, our dodgy friend was rushing around saying that he was off to meet his contact to determine if we would be able to get into the concert. While he was gone, two more people joined our team... a lady who kept saying OJO every 2 minutes, and a man who joined along in the madness! We were constantly warned about the dodgy characters two sidekicks who were guarding the van (his goons).
.. OJO OJO OJO! Our "friend" returned, sweating profusely, and definitely looking the part of an underground operation. We were told that the situation was complicated and that we would have to move to an undetermined location for awhile. AT this moment, I looked at our OJO friend, and in that instant, she pulled down part of her eye and exclaimed, OJO as she talked about the underground's goons. So, the rest of the night, we used OJO whenever we discussed something strange or different:)

We decided that we had enough of the dodgy operation, and decided that since it was an outdoor stadium, we could listen to the music outside the stadium. We were about to choose a location, when cops stormed through the streets kicking everyone off the streets, into the alley ways and beyond. Some were on horseback, and others walked. They yelled, pushed, and made menaces of themselves as they threw us into the dark areas. Some of the Argentinians mentioned that this was the OLD Argentina in terms of how the cops treated the civilians.

fredbobsurfing says:
wow, it happens too often in sth merica but that is what makes the experience just stoked your A ok!
Posted on: Apr 09, 2007
Isoinspira says:
Agreed!! It was! We thought it was pretty funny at the time, and then after thinking about it, discovered that we were pretty lucky that nothing happened to us.
Posted on: Apr 07, 2007
lingobeat says:
bloody hell that sounds like very dangerous situation! Always runaway from dodgy characters like that, nothing but trouble I say :D
Posted on: Apr 04, 2007
The Stadium, River Platte
The Stadium, River Platte
Roger Waters performing
Roger Waters performing
Fanatical Boca FANS!!
Fanatical Boca FANS!!
Theres no sitting in fubol!!
There's no sitting in fubol!!