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Many smiled at these photographs and asked me what are these animals. I first saw a sloth, a cute animal on the Ganggaram Panday Weg, a dirt road leading to the oilfield where I worked in Suriname. While on my way back from work actually, I was driving my car with a colleague ( a Surinamese) and we stopped immediately after we saw this pretty ugly animal (from afar), my colleague knew what it was. I immediately parked my car crooked and managed the traffic to allow her to walk across the road. I was initially scared seeing her claws, long ones. Then, we just kept watching her while ensuring the traffic doesn't trouble her and many stopped and saw. This cute animal (baby faced) fascinated me. I took out my camera and took pictures. Another colleague who is from Trinidad and Tobago also got down and took pictures. She moved so slow, you can cook and egg and eat and have dessert as well. We were patiently watching her. My other colleague try to touch her from the back and my colleague advised not too, because she can swing her claws in seconds and drive them in your arm flesh. Scarry. But I did touch her as well, just taking risk and seeing how rough skin she is and it was a nice experience. She took almost 45 minutes. Once a while because these 3 human-monkeys were watching, she moved her head up and looked at us very curiously. Don't know what she was thinking, maybe who the **** are these ugly standing animals and are they gonna hurt me. BUt she was moving like she has the world of time. We kept moving with her ensuring she is fine. As soon as she touched the grass on the other side, my God, her speed increased. She took one long look at our faces and started to head into the grass/bush. In seconds, she was gone. Amazing. I wish my work life moves like her in grass and my holidays and travels move like when she walked the street, very slow. I guess I have to take it to the roads more often. Ever since that day, my fascination for her made me see her in the wild almost at 7 different times and places. What a beauty she is.

I have heard that the sloth lives long but procreates few. Last week, I called up my white family in Suriname and they said they saw one big one which was dead on the road, possibly hit by a car.

I do not know if there are any conservation work protecting these animals or their habitate. I would love to support this, if any because I love this animal, cutie, baby-faced little one with claws. I will try to post more info on these and photos soon.

KeikoCreative says:
Ha ha I guess everybody wish that going on holiday just like when she is on the road:P
What a strange animal! I think she will not obstruct the traffic, instead everyone will be curious to see this little one:P
Posted on: Apr 02, 2009
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