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I really had some nice days in Bangkok. I’ve been here 2 times before, but never quite got a grasp on the city. This time I stayed in the Sukhumvit area and the hotel is highly recommendable. Of course you can stay cheaper in Bangkok, but I stay in big cities I like to stay at hotels with high security and in a nice area.

The first day I just needed some time to relax and adapt to the new time zone. 2 hours with massage and some sleep did miracles...

Every time I’m in Bangkok something special happens. Last time a bomb blasted in the shopping mall I was in the day before.  This time, mass demonstrations against the government made Bangkok’s traffic jams even longer. Some 40.000 “Red-shirts” were blocking roads and marching in the streets demanding that the previous prime minister to be reinstated. But all in all, everything looked like a peaceful demonstration. 

On Wednesday I met a friend in Bangkok and we went to the Ancient town outside the city. Well, some parts were ancient, but many of the buildings and sights looked like they were finished last week. So this is just like any other tourist trap. Driving a golf-car for one hour was funniest part of this trip...

The best experience in Bangkok was the bicycle ride yesterday. We booked an afternoon trip covering the green areas of Bangkok by bicycles. The company is run by a Swede, and it was a very different trip compared to other tourist activities in Bangkok. There were no other customers that afternoon, so only the 3 of us went on the trip. It’s a 4 hour ride around the residential areas of Bangkok, and it covers areas you wouldn’t think existed in a city like Bangkok. It’s a great way to meet the locals and see some green and peaceful areas. No noise, no one trying to sell you stuff, no begging, only smiling faces alone the way. And Bangkok is as flat as Denmark is, so bicycling in the heat is actually a relief when you get some wind on your body. We had a really heavy shower bursting down from the sky. We all got wet, but I managed to rescue my camera equipment thanks to my new Lowe Pro Sling Bag with rain cover... The rain stopped as suddenly as it started, and it cleared up the air making the rest of the trip like bicycling in a rain forest. The last leg of the trip is by boat and all in all it was a trip that I will recommend to others coming to Bangkok wanting to experience something different.

Now I’m on my way to Chiang Rai for the Songkran Festival. It’s just like celebrating New Years Eve at home. The most important difference is that one evening is replaced with 3 days, and instead of fireworks, people splash water at each other. I will be picked up by Eak, a friend living in Oslo. His family home will be packed with people from all over the world and I’m already preparing my mind and body for “Thai whiskey hell”. Going out at a disco in Chiang Rai, you can choose between warm beer and Whiskey... Like choosing between pest and cholera... But partying with Eak and his friends is always fun. Last time I was in Chiang Rai, because of the local elections we ended up at a disco complex near the Burma border. Never had so much fun in my entire life J

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photo by: Deats