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We moved our camp site and didnt feel like taking down the tent. lol

I really didn't want to drive up there. I like to relax on roadtrips and not have to worry about anything.  So ya, I had to follow my buddie Ashley up there cause I had no idea where we were going.  I knew she drove fast but damn you think people would slow down cause people are following you but not Ash. lol. I lost her right when we got on the freeway.  I eventually found her, then we were supposed to meet up with one of her friends. I have never made that many u turns. haha.  We ended up meeting the guy at the Cheveron next to the entrence to Six Flags.  Went in to get munchies and stuff, the most amazing munchies ever are actually called munchie mix. lol. You gotta get the ranch flavored ones thought. It has sun chips, doritoes, pretzels, the twisty fretos, so bomb! So after that little adventure we continued our way up the 405 and hit the 5 freeway.

Brandon is King of the Mountain.
About an hour later we were finally there! Yeh!!!!!! Well the campgrounds we were supposed to stay at didn't have the permits for people to camp there yet, so we found another spot just down the road.  We set up our camp in this little place where it didn't even look like a spot. Once we got the tents and everything set up it looked cool. Then we had to go call one of our other buddies that was driving up a little later. We had to drive into town to use the pay phone, suprise no signal for cell phones. lol I kinda figured we wouldn't get a signal. Drove back to the campsite and James says that place we drove by earlier looks way better. Uhhhh, he made us pack up all our stuff and move it to that place. Pain in the ass! haha. We got lazy with the last tent and just through it on the top on my car and drove it like that.
haha it was kinda funny lookin. I looked like an old school mobile home. hahaha. So again we set up camp, I admit it was alot nicer campground, but was still a little frustrated that we had to set up camp twice. Whatever, now it was time to go get wood, luckily James knew a place where the had free pre cut wood. The entrance was locked so we took my car off roading and got to the place that way. We filled my car up pretty good. While walking to the wood place I found the coolest rock. It was shaped like a heart, I have never been able to find one but now I did!  Finally time to relax, James and Naethan started the fire and we just chilled and munched on some food and drank a couple beers, then we took a little nature hike.  I was wearing shorts and there were these bushes that had the sharpest thorns on them. My legs are pretty scratched up from them. My own fault though, shorts in the forest. haha. Got back and drank a couple more beers to the point where everyone was pretty much wasted. haha, then the boys decided they were going to take another hike, it was now getting dark so they are complete dumbasses. lol. They got a little lost but eventually found there way back.  haha this is funny, James lost his knife so they all had to go back and retrace there steps. haha, they found it, I dont know how it was dark as hell. After that came more beer, and after we were all pretty much wasted and couldn't drink no more Jason showed up. haha I felt bad for him cause he was sober and had to catch up with us. lol. So all and all it was a fun night. haha

sincitytraveler says:
Hey Stranger how have you been? Sounds like you had a fun time :)
Posted on: Jan 22, 2009
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We moved our camp site and didnt f…
We moved our camp site and didnt …
Brandon is King of the Mountain.
Brandon is King of the Mountain.
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