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We met up with my aunty, uncle and a couple they are friend with that also live on the West Coast (NZ).
Today was by the far the hottest day we were in Australia. It was nearly unbearable to be honest. The food here was far nicer than the other themeparks - so keep this in mind. Also, their icecreams and gelatos were huge, and so, so good!!

Went on a lot of the rides here, and the animal section was pretty awesome aswell. Spent quite some time here and got our photo taken with a Koala (the in thing to do you know!) Nathan was jealous since I got to hold it. They do smell a little and have sharp claws, but very warm and cuddly of course.

I went on the Giant Drop with my aunty and her friend (remember, Nathan is afraid of heights - and I don't blame him, it was a bit windy and as the other side had their fall, there was a shudder as they went past us... pretty scary!) There is no indication when you'll drop so just sitting there waiting is rather nervous. We were all on with a bunch of guys, I'd say between the gaes of 22-27. When we got off, they all had watered eyes... it was rather funny for me actually. We also went on the Tower of Terror which was one I was far more frightened of going on (and only if I could show the hilarious photo of me screaming my head off). I didn't like the thought of being completely sideways and then falling back down.... it scared the shit out of me. Glad I did though, I think it's good for the heart ;)
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OK,.... so I did find the photo (b…
OK,.... so I did find the photo (…
Gold Coast
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