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Day 1 - Arrival

By the time we landed I felt like scratching my way through the wall of the plane, it is always worse on the way to your destination rather than on your return home, must be the anticipation I guess. It was great being back in Brisbane and seeking out familiar surroundings nearby, the Gateway Bridge to the West and the Domestic Airport to the East where I used to work.

Got through customs OK but was told I would at some point need an Australian passport.

Dave was asked by a friendly security guard on the other side if he would help test out the sniffer dogs by planting a rag in his pocket. As he was getting ready I chatted to the security guy who was originally from Dunedin.The dog found the rag, got his treat and Dave got to go through the NZ/Australian customs line, so we got through much quicker to collect our luggage.

Dad was waiting on the other side to greet us and it was so great to see him. It had been exactly 2 years, 7 months and 20 days since we said our goodbyes on the upper level of that same airport.

Went to organise a rental car at a place near the airport then drove back to Zillmere and got settled in, we had the same room we had shared before but my bright pink and orange duvet cover had been replaced, not surprisingly! Unpacked our stuff and headed out to Chermside Mall. I was feeling a bit light headed and had had coffee and Red Bull to keep me awake and was pumped by the excitement, I wasn’t myself and wasn’t expecting to feel myself for a few days due to jet lag.

Dad took the car and we took the ute and went to pick up Kymme, we then all headed to the Mall. The whole area had changed and the shopping centre was twice as big. We went to Vodafone and I got a pre paid sim card and had lunch in the food court.I had my first Australian McChicken burger; it tasted so much better that a crappy UK McChicken sandwich!!

Returned to Dads and had some dinner and got into the Tasty Jacks Crisps Dad had bought 6 packets of! Had a few Cascade Lights and chatted and showed photos.

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photo by: Mezmerized