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This'll be a quick Blog until I find some more time to elaborate, but suffice to say, I had a wonderful, wonderful time in Costa Rica at the end of 2008!

I'm now back in the UK, due to the conception of my first child with Maikol, (my long term Costa Rican boyfriend since 2007).  

Our little man Max, is due in July 2009 and we are hoping to be back in Costa Rica in Jan. 2010, to see Papi and spend time with the family.

Work this season with PRETOMA was blighted somewhat by an increase in the number of poachers to the beaches of Punta Banco.  Don't let this put you off if you are thinking of volunteering; it is perfectly safe on 'la playa'.  It's just that numbers this year meant we were outweighed and a lot of time they got there before we could - pinching all or most of the eggs.  That said, we still had a good year overall; lots of babies and it appears that numbers are still going up....sloooooowly!

We had a lovely bunch of volunteers, but, conversely, our numbers seem to be going down.  Not too sure why, but might be to do with the worldwide credit crunch.  It doesn't cost much to volunteer with PRETOMA and you will gain a real insight into the Costa Rican culture, plus get to do an amazing job.  Made some good friends this year who I am still in touch with.  Thanks everyone!

Costa Rica is as beautiful as I remembered it, but has recently been struck by tragedy.  In November, we had a 6.2 Earthquake, which scared the life out of me!  Within the past couple of weeks, they've had another couple of quakes strike, this time, centred in San Jose.  Same strength, but because of the dense populations, this time around 20 people have died.  You'll see how people in Costa really pull together in times like this, especially if you travel there in the next few weeks.  The people of Costa are amazing; warm and resilient.  I am so excited to be carrying my own miniature Costa Rican!

Anyhoo, any questions, please ask!  And if anyone in the UK is planning on heading to Punta Banco anytime in the next year, in exchange for a favour, I will give you all the info you could ever need - All I ask is that you pack a letter to Maikol with you in your suitcase and deliver it to PRETOMA when you arrive?!!  Thanks!

Kelly & Tarzan :O)

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Punta Banco
photo by: Eric