"Roti Gambang", the colonial Indonesian style "Stollen"

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Stollen is widely known as a sweet, rich festive breads towards German people, due to it's yeasty flavor, fruity & spicy ingredients. In Jakarta, this kind of bread were recognized as "Roti Gambang", which was rooted back to the Dutch colonial era. Gambang is far more popular towards the elder generations, in which this kind of food were ontenly described by the younger ones as "makanan tempo doeloe (oldies foods)". It's quite easy to recognize this bread (by the physical appereance): it looks like a shortbread, but a bit larger, & mostly, it's topped with some sesame seeds.

Gambang were known as tea or coffee mate. This bread also have fragrant aroma after been refrigerated for a few hours. Most bakeries used palm sugar instead of cane sugar to raise the aroma of this bread, & also to maintain the taste. Unfortunately, today, finding gambang is quite difficult, because there's only few bakeries left that still produces it, in which they have been existed since the old days (esp. in the colonial &/or early days of Independence). For the good-quality gambang, I strongly recommends from Tan Ek Tjoan Bakery (an old bakery shops since the Dutch colonial era from Buitenzorg (Bogor)), in Jl. Cikini Raya, Central Jakarta. The price is around IDR 3000-4000/pcs.
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photo by: cicie