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Going back to South Africa as a visitor (tourist) was a great experience for me.  When you grow up in such a beautiful place you take a lot of things for granted, mainly all the things that people come to the country to see in the first place.   A lot of the things that I found annoying and suffocating whilst I lived there, oddly enough are the things that i missed the most....The opressive heat, the local lingo and culture (that I found so hard to learn! and so easy to forget now I have moved to England), the vastness of the country, and the fact that its not hard to find somewhere where you will won't see another person for days...its just you and bushveld kind of scenario! Thinking back it was such a great place to grow up, and when eventually I have children (a long time from now!), I hope to give them the same opportunity.   

I think as I was quite young when I lived there (up until the age of 16) I wasnt very interested in the local culture, history lessons about our herritage, the bushmen and the boers all seemed very dull in comarision to the exploits of alexander the great and the threat of the spanish armarda to Elizabethan England!!  I am now old enough to appreciate things more and can see the country for what it really is....Beautiful and incredibly interesting! :)      

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