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We landed in JFK with no problems and went through customs/immigration without a hitch. On our way to the skytrain to take to the hotel American Airlines provided us with though, I slipped a few times on the conveyor belt. I was thoroughly embarrassed as everytime I tried to walk, I would nearly fall down! I couldn't figure out why this was happening and figured my shoes were just incompatible with the slippery surfaces in the airport. I caught myself the first two times, everyone thinking I was drunk cause I kept almost-falling. I took it easy, not walking on the conveyor belts and letting Tracy go on ahead while I maintained what I had left of my balance. Looking down at my Paris boots I saw that I had walked so much that my boot bottoms were worn smooth, the heels completely gone from shuffling around Paris the last few exhausting days.

When we went outside, we waited around for a bit for the hotel shuttle, and when it arrived, I pulled my bags off the 3 inch curve. I guess the baggage fell to one side and it decided to take me along with it and I was on my back, cigarette in hand and thinking "this is the end - my ankle is done for." All of a sudden I felt a pair of my hands under my shoulders lifting me off the ground. The shuttle driver, rather than kicking me like a proper NYer, decided to pick me up and took care of my bags for me. I was soooo embarrassed but more in pain than anything else and hobbled into the shuttle.

At the hotel, I was treated just as kindly, people offering me wheelchairs, Tracy pulling out an ankle brace from her luggage (what a girl scout - always prepared!!!), and strangers helping me with my luggage. My ankle had swollen to twice its size and Tracy took amazing care of me from thereon out, handling all my luggage, yelling at me to sit down, and getting me wheelchairs at the airport. I LOVE YOU TRACY!!!!! I really owe you a big one!!!!

Then to top it off, we called Alice to see if Tracy could get a ride to Torrance, where her car was stranded due to our new arrival time. TRAVBUDDIES are not only AMAZING people, the FUNNEST group of people you could ever hope to encounter, but absolute LIFESAVERS when it comes down to the rough spots. I love you guys to no end!!!

alicegourmet says:
Ohhhh gosh! It hurts...I hope you didn't break any bone! Fortunately you're travelling with Tracy, our best girl scout! Hope the swelling subsides soon! :)

Ragnar is such a sweetheart! L.A. crews miss him! He has to come back soon! :)
Posted on: Jan 27, 2009
jenn79 says:
aww! You did more than enough Ragnar, you were a saint that last, very very long day =) xoxo and miss you already!! =)
Posted on: Jan 27, 2009
goldfishflosser says:
oh gosh!! i had no idea it was that bad! argh! i should have escorted you to new york. hope you're getting better soon!
Posted on: Jan 27, 2009
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