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Aruba, One Happy Island. That's the slogan used to promote tourism. I thinks it describes Aruba perfectly. It's an island where the people are friendly, not because they have to in order to give and leave a good impressions on tourists but also because it's part of the culture and heritage. They say there's no true full  blooded Aruban because they are all descendants of immigrants and visitors to the island. There's over 40 nationalities represented on the island, and all of them contributes in the shaping of Aruba's society and culture.

Oranjestad is the capital and biggest city of Aruba. Most businesses are established here. Though in the recent years a lot of them started to move to the suburbs. The city is very vibrant and colourful. There are some traditional houses left that are renovated to preserve a bit of the capital's past. You can't miss these houses, they are vibrant green, yellow, red or orange of colour.

Oranjestad, and Aruba in general is commercially oriented. So if you're expecting to find an isolated island still living in the past let me tell you something. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends how you want to see it) tourists are everywhere, at all times of the year. If you do want to know a bit more of the real Aruba, here's a tip. Get in touch with a local and let him be your guide and/or host. He'll show you another part of the island than an official tour guide from some standard company can't. The nightlife, local's parties, nature and more.
If a luxurious travel is what you have in mind then you're at the right address. Casino's, night shows, five star resorts and shopping for anything from Louis Vuitton to Fendi, you will definitely be not dissapointed.
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photo by: jenn79