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With my heavy heart, I left my hotel that day for the airport. Earlier that day, Mr. D and I went out for breakfast and lunch. We strolled around the town but something seemed to be missing that day, like silver lost its lustre. Mr. D was quiet most of the time and when I tried to talk to him he only answered with a few words and went quiet again. In the end I told him that I was going to miss him, and this was what he said to me "Now that you are going, who am I going to talk to." I felt sad too inside but I am realistic to the core. I can't be with him, I have a real life to get back to. I guess holiday romance does not always end as we hope. I gave him a big hug and we kissed for the very last time. I asked if he would like to see me leave at the airport but he said he wanted to stay in the hotel and sleep. I let him, perhaps it was the best thing to do.

The journey from my hotel to Cam Ranh airport took around 2 hours. The sceneries were amazing and my taxi driver (his name was To'an) was kind enough to slow down his car everytime we passed by a beautiful spot. One of the most interesting places I saw along the journey was Diamond bay. If you don't know where that is, it is the place where Ms Universe 2008 was crowned. We didn't stop of course but I did manage to take a few shots of the place from the car.

Toan my taxi driver was a funny and friendly guy. Although his English was not good he tried his best to engage ourselves in a "conversation". Several times he gave up so he resorted to his brochures, from the look of it they were probably have been in his car drawer for ages. Some of the pages were already sticking to each other and to spread the page open would mean to tear the brochures into half! Just to be courteous I accepted the brochures anyway. They were brochures on Vinpearl land and some places of interest in Nha Trang. He even gave me his business card and told me to tell me friends who are planning to go to Nha Trang to contact him as he charge cheap cheap. So if you are reading this, please contact him hehe... will try to look for his business card after this.

Cam Ranh Bay airport was the smallest airport I have ever that is saying something as I always thought that Brunei has the smallest airport in the galaxy! lol It has two small buildings, one is where you can find a restaurant and what I think was the office and the other is where you check in and wait for your plane. I arrived there an hour early so I decided to look around the place, it took me less than 10 minutes to do that. I bought a necklace at one of stalls at the check-in baggage. It was a very nice necklace, vibrant purple with green wooden coins hanging on it. You can see me wearing this necklace in my Halong bay pictures. After that, I noticed some tourists went through the scanning machine and disappeared inside the building. So I decided to join them and that hidden place was actually the waiting hall. There was a lot of people there already, waiting for their planes. Most of them were westerners, some partnered with asian ladies...girlfriends I supposed.

I walked to the nearest available seat, against the wall. I was tired so wanted to rest my head against it. Oblivious of what to do next, I just kept my ear opened for the announcement to mention my flight. It was kind of hard to do that too as the sound coming out from the speakers was not that clear. My mind wandered back to what had happened the night before... nha trang beach, cable car, mr. barbarossa, being sandwiched on a motorbike and the hopelessly romantic Mr. D. Back on earth again... it's all in the past now I said to myself. I took out my camera and started looking at the pictures that I took of Mr. D...Oh god ENOUGH! So I started taking pictures in the waiting hall. A few minutes later, people started moving from their seat and towards the door. There was only one door so I assumed that was the gate out. Apprehension took me over so I asked the man behind me if that was the flight going to Hanoi. He said yes so I joined the line.

His name was Mr. F and he told me he was an italian born french. He could speak Italian and French, but funnily he told me that he prefer dealing with Italian than French people. He was a businessman trying to sell a new brand in Vietnam market. The conversation was interesting so I just tagged along. We got on board a bus that took us to our plane. In the bus he was suggesting for us to sit together. He looked harmless so the idea was appealling. I could use the company for the next two hours of flying time. He talked to the stewardess on the airplane who looked at me like I was some kind of a threat. After studying me from top to bottom, she told Mr. F to wait until everyone is seated and gave him a seat next to mine. This is what you get when you are a TS...being judged and labelled with wrong impression are staples to our lives.

Mr. F asked me why I was travelling alone. I told him about Blue Dragon and about me needing a vacation after a year long of hard work. He also shared his life story -- about his life, his family, his son and about Corsica. Apparently there was an island that belongs to France in the Mediterranean called Corsica. He likes the island he said and wants to settle there. He was single and from the way he sounds...he was sending the message that he was also "available". An hour later, the topic of the conversation was his business trip. He told me that he stayed at Diamond bay! (wow I thought...he must be a filthy rich man...on the other hand..I was thinking...why wasn't he in the business class??) Anyhow, he was telling me that he was trying to introduce a new brand in the motorcycle industry in Vietnam. Impressive I thought. I think he told me that he was selling his I asked him why not helmet? I forgot his answer cos this is when the scary part comes in...he laughed and suddenly his hairy hand landed on my thigh (I was wearing my favourite jeans short)...electric shock!

I tried not to be rude but as I giggled (faking it) I brushed his hand off and cross my leg as an excuse. He carried on with his story while I remained there (slightly frozen) pretending to be very interested in what he was saying. He explained more about his gloves product. I am not quite sure how it happened but he asked if he could see my hand, I showed him and then he put his hand over mine (Yikes!!) His hand stayed in mine, clasping it with his other hand like we were some romantic lover ... oh my goodness!

He talked some more...I could not follow his story anymore as I was too distracted with the fact that he was still holding my hand. The lady on the other side of the aisle was looking at me like I was some cheap prostitute just made a sell (great!) I pretended to try to get something from my purse as an excuse for him to let go of my hand...he did..thank god.

A few minutes before we landed in Hanoi, he asked for my contact number. I gave him. Reason -- I am not a good liar. My such a give away. He recorded it in his blackberry. Oh yeah I forgot, along the flight, he showed like hundreds of photos that his son took in Brazil. His son was travelling too at the moment with his girlfriend and they only see each other like once a year.

I wouldn't say that Mr. F was a bad person, but I am a very cautious person. At the airport in Hanoi, he asked me if I would like to join him for dinner. I think he was really trying his luck on me. I told him that I was meeting someone already (yes its true..I was) so I would probably wouldn't be able to join other reason was that I would feel awkward going out with him on his business dinner. He accepted my excuses.

When I finally reached my hotel and checked in I received a message from Mr. F, asking me out again. I never replied...and he never texted me after that. Reason -- I was too scared of the prospect on how far he would go if I go and have dinner with him.

The End.

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Cam Ranh
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