My last Kiwi day – Between popping suitcases and millking machines

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A paddock with view to Mount Pirongia

When I woke up this morning I knew it would be my last complete day here in Hamilton. And that thought felt absolutely unreal! I’ve been here for such a long time. I’m very used to the Kiwi life now! Hello, how could it be the last day?

That’s not that great but true … Let’s be brave and face it, though.


After delaying my packing from day to day I spent the morning with stuffing all my baggage into the big suitcase and a couple of allowed carry on bags.

In the milking shed
… I really like my big laptop backpack ;-) ...

I don’t have many problems with too much extra baggage in general but after 11 months …

Hope I won’t drop dead at the check-in later on but I really tried my best to squeeze just the necessary stuff into the suitcase without far too many extra kilos. I even sacrificed my favourite sneakers.

At least the last-minute packing didn’t allow 15 to 18 times of packing and unpacking like when I packed for my arrival last April. That’s already one score. Now I’m hoping for another one at the check-in.


After that challenge the more enjoyable time of the day followed. My dearly friend from next doors took me to a typical dairy farm near Pirongia.

The Waikato region is known for its fresh dairy products. So it would have been a shame if I hadn’t been to such an interesting local farm. Besides I had to know where all the milk for those huge 3-litre milk cans come from.

Hello guys!
(I bet I'll laugh about our tiny 1-litre packs at home from now on. What's that a drop in the ocean?).

I’m absolutely glad we did this trip today. First of all the area around Pirongia is a lovely spot and secondly a face-to-face farm experience is kind of special.

Wearing our gumboots (should come handy) the farmer guided us through the paddocks and the milking shed. 

It was both informative and smelling fun. But, honestly, there are many other things that smell much more unpleasant than a cow farm. 

Anyway, I totally liked using one of the milking machines by myself and drinking the cooled creamy milk right out of the tank. What a nice refreshment because it’s been a pretty muggy day once more.


This Thursday brought a very nice farewell experience, which I won’t forget (I guess my jeans won’t forget it either, at least until their hot water bath in a German washing machine ;-)).

ice4swervin says:
Safe travels back home Kora!!!
Posted on: Feb 21, 2009
rotorhead85 says:
Always new discoveries right thru the last day...
Posted on: Feb 19, 2009
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A paddock with view to Mount Piron…
A paddock with view to Mount Piro…
In the milking shed
In the milking shed
Hello guys!
Hello guys!
Fresh and creamy
Fresh and creamy
photo by: Koralifix