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Date: Tuesday July 29th 2008

Day two started nice and early. We were up and leaving to do everything in our tourist package that was purchased the day before. This included the first event, going on the Maid of the Myst. For those who do not know, it’s a boat ride that takes you along the falls to view the American one and then get overpowered (and very wet to the point where it looks like you jumped in the water) by our impressive Canadian Horseshoe Falls. I apologize to my American friends in advance, but one must admit the Canadian Falls are quite impressive and much larger/powerful. At any rate, we put on our blue raincoats provided to us but this did very little for me. I still left soaked as ever and looking slightly like a drowned rat. Lucky us, the sun was out so we all dried up throughout the day but after that trip we headed onto the next one.


Journey to the Falls was one of two walking tours. It consisted of throwing on another raincoat (provided to us) of another colour and then being transported several hundred feet down into the land itself. Then we all promptly followed some narrow and small tunnels to find ourselves out looking the Canadian falls (and the American falls a little ways down to the left). At this point, you get soaked. There is absolutely no way of not getting wet and drenched because to the right is thousands and tons of water pouring down at an alarming rate. It’s beautiful, but the mist makes it so hard to see and talking is difficult due to the roar of the falls. It was, one of my favourite parts of this trip. There are two more tunnels to follow but besides the information along the way about people and the falls; the two look outs were really pointless. We were lucky, because not long after going to this site it was closed down due to power issues.


Which leads us to our next event, the Butterfly Conservatory and the Botanic Gardens. We viewed the gardens first which are taken care of by students at the Horticulture College. Many of the flowers and plants I have never seen in my life. This place is huge and so full of life and growth. There is a path lined and shaded by trees, gardens that flesh out designs and a pond with lilies and frogs. Since Vivian’s favourite flower (if I remember correctly) is a lily, I made sure to take a very nice picture of one.


After that, we headed to the Butterfly Conservatory. This place is simply amazing and even me, who tends to be nervous of butterflies (yes I know, but I love them so) found myself so inspired and at ease. Of course, I was still a little upset with an event that previously took place in the garden; it left me rather hurt since I am so sensitive. The butterflies came in all species, all colours with hardly any two looking the same. It was simply amazing and they flew on you, by you, everywhere! We found two creatures that eat butterflies in the sanctuary so the people took those creatures away but I think the place needs to be checked now *worried look* Poor butterflies!  Still, it was a sight to see.


After that we headed towards the.. well actually I’m not sure what it was called. It was a metal …cage/floating thingy that people stood in and it wheeled you out across the falls and back. Very very high up! The view from it was nice but the thingy was cramped and it went dreadfully slow.


After that was our last event I do believe *rattles brain and tries to remember*. We went on a walk of the falls tour at 7pm. Basically you walk along a wooden bridge that takes you down the cliff of the falls and along near the bottom to view the rapids which are classed level 6. Level 6 rapids are the most deadly and kill many many many many people. So Lyue and I wandered along it and jumped off the route to climb on some rocks to a point where you can actually walk into the river and the rapids if you are silly enough. I dared to stand close enough to almost have the water touch my feet but believe me when I say I was happy to be closer on land after the pictures (of which Lyue takes forever with!). We saw a hole in a large rock that everyone was tossing coins at so I took all the pennies I had and tossed them at it, getting two in and Lyue getting none in. I made a wish on a few before tossing them. Wishes for Vi and I to have a happy life together, for us to live long lives together..


After that, I do believe we all went back to the camp to shower and have a fire. The firewood we were given was crap but lucky us our neighbour (the rude one) gave us all their firewood since they were leaving tomorrow and weren’t having a fire that night. Even though we had a fire it didn’t last long, soon we were all in bed but this time I was able to sleep soon after hoping into the sleeping bag.

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Would like to see the Butterfly place
Posted on: Jul 20, 2009
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