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Date: Wednesday, July 30th 2008


This was the day of least interest and the longest drawn out one. Turns out it was Lyue’s mother and step father’s 3rd anniversary. I was unaware that the plan was to just leave us somewhere; it didn’t help that it was raining also and we couldn’t stay in the camp because we had to leave at 11am. So they dropped us off at Table Rock (the place with a long stretch of view to the falls) for what would turn out to be 5 hours. By doing this, Lyue and I missed out on the Laura Secord House and another place T.T Yep that sucked. So we had no idea what to do. We wandered the place and looked at souvenirs we’d seen the day before. Once that was finished we decided to check out the movie “Fury of the Falls” Which, was a let down. It had a good basis, it snowed and rained on us and the platform moved as a 360 view of film showed of the changes taking place over millions of years that formed the falls. Still, it wasn’t as amazing as we thought it would be; they needed to make it rain more and reach everyone.


From there we walked barefoot through many parks, out in the rain. We sat on a wet bench and talked the rest of the hours away until we were picked up and settled in for a long car ride; of which I shared my music with Lyue and tried to pass the time in close quarters. I was thrilled to be home let’s just say, but that didn’t even mean rest since Botd was a mere day or two away! So Day Three was a bit of a let down, I think we could have done much more interesting things personally. 

bound4home says:
Too bad it turned out that way.
Posted on: Jul 20, 2009
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Niagara Falls
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