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Date: Monday July 28th 2008


I was picked up nice and early by Lyue and his parents, from there we shoved everything into the car (which was already over packed) and headed to Niagara Falls. Four hours later and we were there, looking for a camp space in KOA. Once we found a suitable one (though these lots were very small) we set up the tents which basically meant Lyue and I had to wing it. After all, we didn’t have the instructions for the tent!


KOA camp.. let me just say I loved it. No real roughing it like I had predicted would happen. There were three pools, one inside and two outside. Play areas, a basketball court, arcade hut along with bathrooms for both genders, a kitchen area AND showers! *dances* So Lyue and I went swimming after playing some basketball and checking out each area. The wadding pool was cooler than the actual pool, which they kept heated *faints* Too hot of a day! So after the swim we checked out the showers, had one together. No worries, our bathing suits were on, though we thought this an amusing joke. Apparently I am breaking down all Lyue’s barriers. Then we headed on out to some sight seeing. Lyue and I went to the House of Fear. Boy was it ever! I have never been so frightened in my life!


One part of the walk through the House of Fear that I can mention since it’s not a spoiler is that when we came to the second part (yes it’s a two part thing) I thought we were at the end and when I realized we had to step in the dark again my heart sank. I was so terrified, I could never go it alone. There was a way to end it early if you were too scared (though Lyue and I vowed not to do this). A siren goes off if you scream out NIGHTMARES. Of course, you become a chicken then! When we went, 92, 862 people had chickened out to date.

We also went to the house of wax, not the Madam, but her grandson’s. It is I believe, the only house of wax in Canada. At any rate, everything was so very very life like to an eerie degree. They had Hitler, celebrities (Angelina Jolie had all her tattoos on her also) in very good poses. Each room we entered was set up different depending on the occasion. So the celebs were all at a social gathering with a water fountain etc. Music appropriately playing in the background. There was an Austin powers section, Batman, Harry Potter, various history figures, the Queen who kindly offers up her horse in an eternal pose (I was tempted to thank her and take the horse but I thought maybe that wouldn’t seem right) and a black room with florescent colourful writing of “No T.V make homer go crazy!” Oh, there was the crypt keeper and a section dedicated to Frankenstein, Dracula and Hannibal Lector.


My favourite was near the end however, it was from the Alien movie. Ripley is facing off an Alien egg with a gun and as you turn the corner of the spaceship walls you are faced off with a very large Alien in the real.. as real as wax figures get. Just standing there as the thing faces me off was enough to send shivers down my spine. I didn’t even want to walk past it to move on and I looked at Lyue and took a step back. It was so unsettling and I realized I would run screaming if the thing was real; as it was I wanted to do so. Anyways, after several minutes I was able to bring myself to examine it, but never touch it. It was just too real for my liking. Unfortunately no pictures everyone, we forgot the camera which is a real shame!!!


Then we went to dinner (we ate out instead of cooking!) and headed back to our camp grounds where Lyue and I talked the night away. Literally, I got maybe 4 hours of sleep and our neighboring campers actually cleared their voice loud enough to indicate for us to shut up (but I think that woman was rather prude personally). Lyue and I had some very interesting conversations *faints*


I forgot to mention that to end the day we went to the Imax theatre to watch two movies. One about dinosaurs and the other about the Legends and daredevils (people who went over the falls or did stupid stuff). They were, ok but not worth the money.

bound4home says:
Sounds like you had fun.
Posted on: Jul 20, 2009
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Niagara Falls
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