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Date: Friday July 13th 2007

Today is Linda’s and my 10 months, but I had not realized it. We went to Peggy’s Cove and all I could feel was her presence. I wonder, was she thinking of me? We had awoken later in the morning, Marion, Tessa left early while Jeanie joined Dianne, Erin, Alex and myself for some shopping. The previous night we partied (OMG it was so much fun) and Dianne was ��"so- drunk. I have pictures of her in a “homemade” toga using the hotel blankets. There were a lot of drunken jokes for sure.


So we went shopping after, I bought another comic and we stopped into a sex store. Dianne and Jeanie said they’d come with us O.O Which was weird because Erin was trying to get them to go away. Alex and Dianne waited outside as Alex wasn’t comfortable coming in but Jeanie came in and looked around for a moment. That’s where Erin and I bought my purple fuzzy handcuffs which we love to joke about. I always did promise her I would buy my first sex item legally, with her and I held true to it. Oh, and that guy at the register was so friendly! I don’t think I was even IDed…


Then we went to Peggy’s Cove and saw the light house with the crashing of the waves against rock. Truly breathtaking, I wish I could have captured the moment in a bottle to give to my friends and family. I did get pictures, yet still they do not justify the moment. Instead, my words may be the window into the moment.


“I'm looking out across the vast ocean before me, searching for something; seeing not what I search for. It's you, you my eyes are desperately trying to find. Seeking out in the most Eastern part of my world, but the ocean reveals nothing of your whereabouts.

Somewhere out across the ocean is you. My heart knows it, my eyes search for you because they know it. The ocean that separates us is so frightening at times, its size so discouraging. It is as the waves come crashing towards me that I realize, just what the rocks must truly be. The rocks hold off the water, as if to halt further distance forming between us. The waves come crashing towards me still, as if to pull you to me from so far. I look out from somewhere, knowing it is here that you should be.

Still, seeing nothing in the distance but a thin line defining sky from water seems so far for love to cross. Yet it has already done so, and as the waves come rolling in, it feels as if your love is transferred to me; released to be felt only with the light spray of salty mist against my face. This love of yours sinks deep into me.

Rock or water, which is stronger? Love or distance, which is stronger? Sure rock and distance seem worthy adversaries but water and love, in time, overcome both.

I wish you could seem me gazing out towards you, but then maybe you do. Maybe you are standing at the farthest edge of your world, and towards each other we are gazing.

I guess Peggy's Cove got me thinking...”


Date: Saturday July 14th 2007

Today we head to Marions for a BBQ. The kids kept occupied luckily and I had a few fun conversations with people about my becoming a doctor. I had a jello shooter and 2 strong malibous before I played a deadly game of Flip. I say deadly because if you do it enough you’re drunk within a few beers. Basically there are two lines of three people and each has a cup. On a count of 3, both chug the beer in their cup and try flipping it upside down. Once this is accomplished, the next person chugs their drink and tries to do the same. If everyone in one line finishes their beer and flips their cup successfully, they win. Then it starts all over again. I was the fastest chugger I am proud to say, with the exception of Erin’s uncle who beat me by a second or two.. but my team won the most. That night was mostly a blur afterwards, I crashed in Erin’s and my tent after being a bit sick and promising myself I wouldn’t drink so much after that.


Date: Sunday July 15th 2007

Today Erin, Alex, Michael, Chris and I played pool at a bar and that’s about the highlights of this day. We just chilled as tomorrow we go to P.E.I


Date: Monday July 16th 2007

Today we went to see the ship Hector that brought the Scottish to Canada, we found the kilt that belonged to Erin’s family tree (as I have no Scottish in me there wasn’t one for my family). While we saw the ship in Pictou, we didn’t get to go to P.E.I as Dianne had an allergic reaction to a bug bite on her eye and it swelled nearly shut. Tomorrow we go to Cape Breton. To talk a bit about the ship Hector, I don’t know how anyone managed to sleep in such close quarter, or deal with the motion sickness. We viewed the beds which didn’t look very good and given conditions, no wonder so many got sick and died on the way over. It was interesting to see, to say the least; what strong people endured what even now we might not be able to with all the luxuries we have.

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