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Date: Tuesday July 17th 2007

So today was a trip to Cape Breton and we left late so we wouldn’t be driving in the fog. The hills/mountains we drove on were so huge! I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. The sunset on the way home was also something to see. We went whale watching at 4:30pm and saw a large group of a common surface whale (much like dolphins but I forget the name). At first it was hard to get decent pictures but near the end of the trip they were swimming right beside the boat; we even managed to see a mother and her calf. It was an interesting first for me, since I’d never gone whale watching before. Dianne planned to go back to her parent’s place, but the trip was so long that we stayed at a place on the side of the road (before whycocgoma). I shared a bed with Alex at first but I guess all his flip flopping in the bed made me scream in my sleep so Dianne switched spots and I ended up sleeping in Erin’s bed.


Date: Wednesday July 18th 2007

From there we started saying our goodbyes. We saw Jeanie one last time and she told me to write every so often. We went to aunt Marion’s for muscles and stir fry. It was all so good, I loved her place the most I think. We saw the rest of the family before leaving, and poor Alex had to stay longer (he lives in the states but his mother was on a honeymoon or something) but at least he wasn’t staying by himself at the grandparents.


The most memorable event that day was when we went shopping and Alex and I wandered off because we were bored. We laid on a soft bed and then a lady tried to sell it to us. I think she thought we were a couple (I certainly looked mature enough and he was taller than me). We went along with it at any rate so that we wouldn’t get in trouble for laying on the beds with no interest of buying. Alex kept walking around going “we could get that for our house.” Just to add to the joke. That night I fell asleep to real life stories of aunt Marion’s.


Date: Thursday July 19th 2007

It’s Thursday and we’re leaving but it’s noon. We’ve had a late start to our day. O.O Once we got on the road however, we simply kept driving. I will Marion and the others but I do lok forward to seeing my family. We got a motel at the Quality Inn at Edmundson, New Brunswick. Dianne plans to get me home around 7pm tomorrow. It’s been raining again too, Dianne jokingly commented that Nova Scotia is crying because we are leaving. Looks like another long drive ahead of us tomorrow.


Date: Friday July 20th 2007

I was so anxious to get home! We were caught in Montreal traffic. Friday at 5:00pm T.T bad planning on Dianne’s part. It was a long day to say the least. When I did get home however, there was a splendid sunset, so very beautiful that I took a picture of it.


The trip c’est fini!

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