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Studio Apartment

Arriving in Wuhan was everything I’d thought it’d be, and wasn’t at the same time. I was greeted with stares, with interest and curiosity. I was also greeted by run down buildings, dirty streets and a general feeling that nothing had been repaired or tended to in centuries; grit and graffiti left untouched. Oh, and the smell. There is nothing like the smell in China, rather in some spots, and yet it’ss easily overlooked or ignored. I can’t count the times now how I’ve almost been hit by a motorcycle or car, truck or bike. It all started when I first got off the train to Wuhan though. The sound of horns honking day and night is much like a gentle hum now.

The bed
The Chinese use it for warnings to cars, to show impatience, to warn others to watch out or be run over. I caught onto this very quickly. And those street lights, the one where it says you can walk now? Those are more just suggestions anyways.

We met up with Wei’s cousin Li (Peng Fei) and he helped us with our bags into a large van. The man dropped us off at the apartment complex, handed over two sheets of paper for me and then promptly took his leave. I took a good few minutes to marvel over the studio apartment and the Chinese taste in decoration; to think I was worried about the place I was going to be living in all this time. I asked my childlike questions full of wonder; “Why is there a chunk painted orange? Why are the colours green, orange and yellow so prevalent? What will we do with all this space? Why is the sky blue?”

Once that was all taken care of and my mind happy with the answers I received (the Chinese love bright colours, because it looks good, we’ll fill the space with stuff and because it just is) I took a moment to try out the bed only to discover that it too, like the train cot, was just as hard.

Lunch, a sort of seafood dish (name of dish to come)
Classic DOH! Moment. With the day still young, the luggage all tossed into the apartment and a list from the school of what I was to do there was no other choice than to call up some of Wei’s friends and go out for lunch.

This one is for Fins, my friend, because I know how much she loves the idea of eating fish with their heads still on, or other seafood with big black eyeballs. In other words, prawn in my bowl. I felt silly having to ask how to eat it but luckily for me Ike was more than willing to demonstrate. Basically pick it up near the head with your chopsticks, put the body in your mouth, head and tail sticking out and then proceed to bite down; ripping off the head and tail as you go. Mmmm nothing like crunchy prawn for lunch.

When our dining experience was finished (and I didn’t even drop food on my lap yee!) it was time to head back to the apartment to meet Lena.

The dumplings we ordered for lunch, so I could give them a try.
However, she only came to take me out to lunch which I had just had. So this left Wei and her to speak crazy fast Chinese and me to nod along; to what I agreed to I’ll never know but the two seemed more in tune with what each other was saying than my nodding. She wished us all well (Li, Ike, Wei and myself), commented on how I had so many friends already and then excused herself. Personally, I was content to just have been home with my buddies surrounding me rather than out having lunch; guess I am still a homebody.

 Later in the evening came the signing of contracts, a lengthy drive to discover we couldn’t get my medical work done (Yes, China really does make you do it all over again so don’t worry about paying for a medical check back home) and some rest; listening to the rapid speaking of Chinese words and really only picking up a word or two of what they spoke.

Wei's dish, (name of dish to come)
All I can really say is falling back asleep in Wei’s arms was priceless. Especially in our own bed!

bound4home says:
Nice place
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
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Studio Apartment
Studio Apartment
The bed
The bed
Lunch, a sort of seafood dish (nam…
Lunch, a sort of seafood dish (na…
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The dumplings we ordered for lunc…
Weis dish, (name of dish to come)
Wei's dish, (name of dish to come)
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