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If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that if my parents come to visit me in China they won’t want to leave. China has been very good to me, I can’t deny. It is moments like these that I will take with me when I return to Canada and relive over and over again. Moments where a student of mine, Herry along with several others, hug me in greeting or call out my name and have a good laugh as we play games. Moments where children of 7 or 8 years see Wei and I playing badminton outside at our neighborhood court so they follow suit. Moments like these I cherish and will do so for the rest of my life.


Yesterday one student, Herry, whom I connected with from the start as he was new, I was new at the training school said to me through Sunny’s translation that he really liked me and wanted me to stay and teach all day; didn’t want me to leave. I get hugs, pats and cries of joy from many students of mine and it feels so good to hear it.


Today those two young girls of 7 or 8 played badminton and later got up the courage to say hello to me, so I made sure to say hello back, my name and ask them theirs. Later this evening they asked me my age and Wei and I said goodbye as we left for the night.


What really made this evening though was when two older women came by to play some badminton too and Wei asked if they wanted to join us on the court; playing doubles. So we did, and there were plenty of laughs and fun. I got to show off what Chinese I knew, they asked about Canada and as Wei talked to one of the women on the sidelines the other played on the court with me well into the evening until darkness made us blind. They thought I was very good at badminton.


I’ve even had days where I consistently help the teaching assistance put away toys for the day and upon seeing my compassion I have been offered treats I am sure other foreign teachers have not been.


I feel really lucky to be here, to see and experience all this. It’s these moments I cherish and want to hold onto for a lifetime. I get once chance to live this as I am doing so now, and I want to make the best of that time.


Red Cat Firsts:

~ Playing badminton with other Chinese women
~ Talking to strange kids
~ Being included in "the group" at work
~ Being told by a student they really like me

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