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Leaving Wei behind yet again was the worst feeling ever; especially since we had recently had a falling out. I didn’t cry but I sure wanted to once I was in Hong Kong. We hugged out goodbyes and soon I was on my way once again to go do something I truly did not want to.

The day started off with a thunderstorm which lead to our driveway being flooded. Actually, it was more like a lake was created because the water was up to my knees and there was no way to avoid walking through it. I felt my heart fall, my eyes tar up in despair. Wei was braver than I but all I could think on was wet shoes all day long; how miserable! A man offered to get us a taxi and he did but the oh so honourable taxi driver just waited until the man was gone to drive away without us. I had no choice, so I rolled up my jeans and plunged into the cold, wet water. I was devastated as my socks became wet instantly and my shoes became dead weight.

We quickly grabbed a taxi of our own and I dumped my shoes out inside; of which puddles formed in the taxi. No amount of squeezing could get the water from those shoes. It irritated my feet so. When we arrived at the airport and sat down I was able to pull my feet out and dry them So desperate was I that I even tried to use a hand dryer in the washroom with wads of toilet paper too just to dry them. Nothing worked though and I was stuck with this issue. I know you were sad I was leaving China, but was all that rain really necessary? To top it off the bag got wet and damaged a few of the pictures of Wei that I brought, but not badly. Wei and I hugged once more and snuck a kiss before I left to board my plane. Sadly the shoes were still not dry and I had to pull my feet out of them and wrap my feet in a blanket to keep from getting chilled.

Upon arriving in Shenzhen I had some time so I exchanged my currency as I didn’t know where to in Hong Kong and this would make my life less stressful. Then I took the same bus as before and went through all the procedures like before; which included going to the bus ticket booth for a ticket before waiting for someone to get me and chauffer me to the bus. Things were a little different this time around though for after I passed Hong Kong customs I found myself making friends with a guy named Andrew. He was born in China but immigrated to Canada as a kid to live in Edmonton and later Montreal. He was by right, Canadian now. Having never been to Hong Kong it was now my chance to pay it forward and help him.

At first he doubted my sense of direction, wanting to ask others for help but soon found out I knew right where we were going. We didn’t have to wait long to get into the visa building and i pleasantly discovered I can pick up my visa on the 2nd of July. I’m still a little puzzled as July 1st is there national holiday but if that is what they say then great. Andrew had some questions and photo problems so he was much later than I. Actually, I lost sight of him and went downstairs o see if his luggage was there; which it was so I waited. He was pleased and together we took the subway but this is where we parted as I was going to Jordan and he was headed farther than me to Mongkok. We exchanged phone numbers as he lives in Wuhan but this upset Wei greatly so I’m going to gave to say goodbye to Andrew. At least it was nice to have been able to help him out.

Taking the subway is always a little odd at first, making sure I get off at the right stop and I still can’t tell which exit to use. So when I got off at one of the many Jordan subway exists I was a little lost. Still, I was able to recognize some places and found my way once more.  Everyone remembered me at the Best Hotel; some even became more talkative. I was able to get my old room again, room 13, but this time the air conditioner and toilet gave me some trouble; all fixed now.  As I rested I had this overwhelming feeling to find that internet café and talk to Wei. So strong was this feeling I couldn’t ignore it. I found the internet café and the guy even said “long time no see”. He treats me pretty good; guess because of the money. I logged in to find Wei was there too. We had a heart to hear, some deep conversations that were both happy and hurtful but in the end we both felt better. I was relieved because I know I was in the wrong and we just never got the chance to sort out feelings. Nothing is perfect, but our relationship is in tact, our love stronger than ever and because we can both be humble I truly think we’ll make it through this lifetime. That strong pull I felt, I’ve never felt that before and I can’t help but wonder if that is what love is; the connecting and communication of two hearts.

That night I watched a horror movie about snakes that was promoted last time I was in Hong Kong and it made me think fondly of Wei. I rode that high I got from out conversation right until I went to bed with the pop tab on a necklace around my neck.

As for the pop tab, Wei always joked about being too poor to buy me a ring and propose to me, so she said she would use a pop tab instead. Well, Wei proposed to me the night before I left with a pop tab; just as she always teased she would. So around my neck it is staying; probably even long after we are married.

Red Cat Firsts:
~ Wearing a pop tab
~ Guiding a Chinese around
~ Walking through knee high water in my shoes
~ Being proposed to with a pop tab
~ Being proposed to
~ Staying in the same hotel room a month later
~ Taking the subway –to- my hotel
~ Not having to pull out a map to find my way
~ Having a strong need/desire to talk to someone at the right time

bound4home says:
You being a guide shows you just how far you have come.
Posted on: Jul 28, 2009
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Hong Kong
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