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My partner loves me, really loves me. She bought my favourite soybean milk; the large bottle. I know she misses me because she filled our fridge with golden melons. That’s love right? Love that makes us do crazy stuff. Which is why I am in Hong Kong writing this right now instead of Wuhan China where I belong. Wei and I talked it over and I came to an interesting yet not surprising fact; I belong with Wei in China. I love the food, the culture, habits, language and yes; even using chopsticks. I haven’t used a fork or knife since I left Canada. Being here in Hong Kong is just not the same even though it’s still a part of China. Western culture has brought up living standards sure; garbage doesn’t seem to be an issue like it is in China and many people speak English but then it was western culture I all too happily left behind when I went to China. Don’t get me wrong, the creative Chinese with their beautiful art have made western culture a part of their lives; embracing the differences while still maintaining their own culture. Still, I can’t smile too widely as I lay in a small hotel room, alone and very anxious to return to my Teddy Bear. Not to mention it is pricy here. While I didn’t spend big in China I could still reason I was getting a deal. Here? No such feeling. I also haven’t been eating much; still continuing my diet of one french bread per meal time. My stomach hurts from time to time and I feel my energy level dropping. I am sure under different circumstances I would enjoy a trip here a lot more.


June 7th 2009

It’s impossible not to think of Wei; every couple I see, every love song on TV and of course her favourite Doraemon on every item. So today I bought her a Doraemon shower cap because I know she uses her flower one at home. Even if she doesn’t use it I am sure she’ll like it all the same. Not much, but I thought she should get something on my return home. Today I treated myself to two pastries. I only ate a small one before becoming full (guess my stomach has shrunk) and ate the other for dinner. Found another entrances to the Subway station, got lost and found my way back as well as checked all my tasks for tomorrow. Everything is in place , I guess I can try to sleep tonight (if I can stop being excited and worried) and just do it! Tomorrow. It’s exciting I think I have really grown some. I always knew how to be independent but I have always been so shy. Now, I am just trying to take it all in stride. AS bad as I miss Wei and as much as time passing worries me; I needed these extra days t find my way home again. Oh, my path is surely guided.



Red Cat Firsts:
~ Feeling very alone

~ Wanting to go home and knowing I can't (back to China)
~ Sleeping in such a small hotel
~ Eating only mini french bread

bound4home says:
ah Jamie.. now you know you can do anything
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
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Hong Kong
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