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It's worthy of a mention. Today in the middle of one class I came up with a great game idea for the kids to play as we learn phonics. Basically, there is a basket and a hoola hoop. Two kids up and the fastest one to say the word i point to gets to stand in the hoola hoop tossing a plastic game piece (can be like a coin or something) and does this until he gets it in the basket. The other kid in the meantime has to go through the alphabet of constants I have written on the board and use them with the newly learned phonic. For example: "b" and "oa" = boa (sounds like bow). If he can do this fastest then he wins. If the other kid gets the coin in the basket before he finishes then that boy wins. Needless to say, the kids love it!

Anyways, I had one student running from his seat for the coin every time one kid tossed it. This kid's name is Leo. He -can- be a problem in class but i think it's due to the boring subject matter i must drill into them (believe me, after months of phonics even i am sick of it). Anyways, i gave hm the job of collecting the coin and giving it back to the student tossing it while i focused on helping the other student through the alphabet. What ended up happening is the group of kids waiting to play love cheering the tossing kid on, and then cheering and telling me he got it. Leo was collecting the coin and hurridly giving it back to the kid tossing and i was able to focus on the one trying to practice his English.

At one point, Leo loved his job so much he even wanted to help the kid having difficulty tossing it. So he stood with him, showed him how to toss and explained in Chinese to him. Then he helped move his fellow classmate's arm and let him have a go. I looked at Michelle (their Chinese teacher) and said "Omg, that is something else. That is so wonderful and just so priceless!" I wish I could have recorded it but, it really was priceless.

I am so happy to see this, so happy this had a chance to happen because it proves something I honestly believed in. Problem children only become problems when you make them out to be. Give them something to do, challenge them and have them feel important and sure enough they become a big help. As for Leo, he loved his job and in the end i gave him a star sticker for being such a big help.

We could all learn something here.

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photo by: FK27