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So the date has been confirmed as well as where I will be working. As of May 7th 2009 I will be teaching English at a school in Wuhan, China. My plane will arrive on the 6th of May in Beijing where I will meet up with my partner and then go visit and stay with some of her friends. She's planned a 3 hour hairstyling and facial session apparently so sometime in there I'll be fitting that in along with visiting the dance studio where all her buddies dance. I'll be getting some free lessons in various styles of dance by the sounds of it. We plan to take a hard sleeper (train ticket) to Wuhan which should take about 8 hours to arrive where I then get to meet up with her mom and some more friends. From there I'll be checking in with the school and my apartment.

How It Happened:(The Journey)
It was not easy by any means. I actually ended up with the third job that said they would take me. The first I liked, but it was unfortunately located in Changchun which was not my desired location. The second position was in Guangzhou but ended up not working out due to visa issues. It left me paying for a visiting visa I was not going to use. The third was the position I accepted, in Wuhan. Unfortunately there was a bit of misunderstanding and I ended up paying for a medical I don't believe I need to use (if I am correct, China redoes the medical on their own terms).

What was instrumental in my obtaining this position was my partner having connections; friends in various positions and one particular friend works for a recruiting company. She vouched for me, set up the interview and dealt with many of the details. I had to contact the school for a phone interview which was very nerve racking. Hearing a recording speaking crazy fast Chinese with everything beyond "ni hao" being completely foreign was not expected. Still, after a few trial phone calls I did finally connect with the person I was to have the phone interview with and passed with flying colours. From there came waiting, sending of information such as (the medical, passport, reference letter). Once I received my work permit I had to put in for a working visa and volia! Ready to go come May 5th for my flight.

Places I Will Be:
Landing in Beijing, seeing some of my partner's friends, staying with two of them . Then off to Wuhan where I will work, visit family and friends as well as do some sight seeing. As to what just yet, unsure. I'll have to ask the locals and some travel buddies what I should look into first.

A Must See For Me:
~ Qiao Qiao's bar
~ Dance Studio owned by my partner's friends
~ School where I will work

bound4home says:
I enjoyed reading your Blog.. you should write a book you are soooooo articulate. Love Mom
Posted on: May 15, 2009
redcatxia says:
just got logged on to your blog site. Thanx for the lessons and how to's. just finished brushing puddin's so let us know when you are settled. Love Mom & Dad
Posted on: May 05, 2009
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