Song For a Stormy Night

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Today was the day when I was supposed to say my goodbyes and wave away family, a welcoming and warm home as well as good meals. However, the weather granted me another day’s grace as it turned out to be a rainy day which in turn changed to a heavy down pour followed by much thunder only to end up a field flooding, full blown thunder storm that had us all turning off anything plugged in! It was peaceful, beautiful and chillingly terrifying. I simply loved it!


Wei and I snuggled up on the bed with her laptop up and running, watching a movie (though not online so it was safe) to help pass the time. It is times like these when I wish I spoke Chinese where we could all just sit around as my family would and talk; about anything and anyone. These stories are always the best and usually put smiles on all faces involved. I truly did miss this.


I did get to see an older Chinese sword they own, and Johnson showed me his wooden bow and arrow, along with quiver and arrows. Hand made, wood, rope, bamboo etc. Something like this would cost a lot in Canada but here in China it’s about $2-3 Canadian dollars. This style Wei says is out of date so you can’t get it anymore and he simply gave it to me at that point! I love this stuff, bow and arrows, swords and sling shots. I never grew up with this stuff, not really but I had always wanted it. What makes it even more special though is it’s from China, handmade and a gift! I have decided on giving Zan my wooden crocodile at this point, as while I do love it I think he would get a lot of joy out of it too and if I get a chance I want to buy him a bow and arrow too (but only if I know I can get it to Canada!).


Today seemed a day for gifts though as Mama came over after lunch to take Wei and I shopping before I leave for Hong Kong again. She bought me a pair of shoes that are much cooler for the summer months and Baba bought me a nice Chinese thermos so I can keep my tea in a mug and hot too! Very kind, very beautiful and very thoughtful!


At this point I must take my leave as now we are leaving for the market.. I love shopping!
bound4home says:
Mama and Baba very kind people
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
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photo by: redcatxia