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I am spoiled. I actually thing you all might  get tired of reading about the love, gifts and wonderful things that are happening to me. Still, it's a feeling I don't want to forget so I will write it here.

When out shopping today for food with Mama and Wei, I noticed the butcher had a bill of green colour I had not seen before. Well it turns out that it was an old 2 jiao bill! The ones I have are damaged but I hung onto them anyways. Well she willingly traded with Mama so that I could have it!! It is in decent condition too, I am very lucky! Then when we were on our way home a close friend of Mama has a daughter that grew up with Wei, and she is now in Shanghai working in an art gallery. Her paintings are worth thousands! I bet you guessed it already, she asked me to pick a picture and she would paint it for me for free, a gift that she will give me in Shanghai when I leave. !!!!!! I chose a landscape picture because I think they are so beautiful! I never would have expected such a thing! Lastly, when we got home mom went through all her stuff and gave me some old Chinese bills. A 10, which I had never seen and it is in good condition. You can't get those anymore unless you buy online. A 5RMB, so now I have two! 1RMB, 3 top conditioned 1 jiao (which is almost a set via the numbers too), the last of an old jiao set that makes mine complete and a stamp that is so old it cost only 3 fen. I can't wait to get my collections together and show everyone.

I am loved, I am blessed, I am spoiled. I know that, and I never forget it. This experience in China, the people I have met; it has truly touched me.

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I'm part of the family now, I think it's official. We didn't even announce our engagement or anything yet, but Wei's mom has made it clear she doesn't want me leaving.  I've never felt so good before, well, I've never felt so welcomed in by my partner's family before. That is to say, I feel completely comfortable around them, at home in their home and I am so happy to be considered a part of this family of Wei's. So you the reader must be wondering how I stumbled across this wonderful experience on my travels, well...

Tonight Wei and I went for a walk with Mama and she bought me a beautiful erm... shirt/dress? Chinese style with the pants to match. It's really nice on me now that I have slimmed up. We then went to visit Wei's uncle who lives close by which was nice though I am a little biti (snotty) from a head cold that is starting. So once we ended up at home Wei slips into the bedroom and says that her mother is giving me a family heirloom. Now it's one of those things that you think, nah, you're joking right? Though in the back of your mind whispers that it could be true. Sure enough, she wasn't joking. Her mother hands over a beautiful and expensive jade bracelett that has been in the family and passed down. Lucky me, I have slimmed down enough that I can wear it. (Mom, if you miss me, please don't try this one on! hehehe). It is said that if you wear it often or all the time that the jade inside will move like it is alive with spirit and soul. I will wear this when I return to Canada, there is no doubt. It is beautiful, but what is more is that they trust me with this treasure of their family's.

I asked Wei what spurred her mom on to give this, and Wei said nothing, that her mother had been planning it for awhile now.  I am speachless, and even now as I write this I am still in awe. If there were any other way to say that I am officially part of the family, I don't think words would be able to express it.  Words weren't needed, I feel it. I am a very lucky woman and I am well aware of that. One day, I will give this to my daughter, I am sure she will come to us.

photo by: redcatxia