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So it's still slightly cold here in Wuhan China, it's raining all the time like right now. This just means spring IS coming to us soon. I have very little classes to teach but am still battling for common sense with the workers of my school at New Jordan. Never work for them ok guys? Really, some horror stories for ya. Anyways, it's raining, I have the monethly curse, I am terribly sick (phlem deep in the chest) and  am exhausted. I need some serious rest, soup and a warm bed to sleep in but it seems I have to wait 2 more days for that.  When it rains it pours right? Anyways, I do have something fun to report.

Last night Wei and I went for our daily nightly run and because I am not feeling well i thought maybe to just walk, with the dog. Well, she hated that leash and she fought it so bad. So, since she has been trouble for us this past month or so Wei and I decided to let her off the leash to run with us. If she ran away, no big loss because we weren't bringing her back after Spring Festival anyways. So we let her off, but the strangest and most wonderful thing happened: she stuck by us. She would run beside us, a little ahead or right behind us. When a car or bike or someone came she hid in the bush until the danger passed and then joined us again. If i whistled or called her name she stopped sniffing and joined us. It was great! But what was more funny was she was such a coward. A man owning an expensive fox looking dog and the security with their stray countryside dog were walking together and they liked Coffee, but she on the other hand was terrified because their dogs bullied ours! She ran from them, and at one point when she wasn't getting away from the chase she hid behand the security guy like a coward. I laughed as we all did, picked her up and carried her away in my arms. It was hilarious, but it was so good to have a jogging partner. She slept well that night and so I think i may bring her back after Spring Festival so I have an excuse to go jogging when Wei isn't home.

Red Cat's Firsts:
~ Having a dog that runs beside me and listens to my commands


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