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So today being Sunday, Wei had asked her mother if she could have some money for new shirts, complaining about how my mother buys me new clothes. So off to Han kou District we went, it being one of the best places to shop I suppose. The day was hot but that didn’t detour us, we hopped on the bus regardless and went to one of the biggest malls I have ever seen. There were eight floors to shop on. Take a moment and reread that. Eight floors!!!! Not to mention it was like walking through a maze. Wei navigated and all I could do was stand and stare in awe as little cubicles were lined with toys, trinkets and many, many clothes. In and out we weaved, we wove and ducked into stores not too crowded. To change clothes you hid behind a curtain that wrapped around the space of a body and nothing more. It was insane and yet I loved it none the less.


Luckily I had shrunk enough to buy one top we thought looked okay on me. Wei bought herself something and I later bought some happy pills in a bottle. Basically they look like pills but inside you can write on a piece of paper and give the message to someone else. Eight floors of this. Not too many hours later and I felt tired, thirsty, dizzy and just completely turned around. Still, it was an experience I will never forget. Also, I was really impressed to see us walk on stairs that were see-through with roses and rose petals underneath. It looked really pretty.


For my good behaviour Wei bought me a popsicle, though we couldn’t find her a bathing suit that didn’t cost over 200RMB and was a two pieces. The Chinese do not wear two pieces, rarely on the beach and never at a swimming pool. So ladies, if you want to swim in China chuck that two pieces; honest.


Some other noteworthy events, that Wei will likely tickle me for later (but are just too good to pass up telling), are when we were playing “rock, paper, scissors”. I put out rock and she gave me the finger. Literally. And I was like “what is that!?!?! Dynamite? The finger does not beat out rock.” We had a very big laugh over that.


I feel like I am forgetting something, but I lost my list unfortunately. So if I find it or have a memory jolt I will surely update this further.


EDIT: (the forgotten piece): Too amusing not to share. Wei and I were walking home one afternoon when I was joking around and she made out to get away from me. Well she quckly moved to the other side of the walkway and I followed asking, "Wei, why do you speed walk away from me? You know I will only catch you that way." This was then followed by a blank stare and the comment, "Speed walking? What are you talking about?!? I was running from you!!!" *foot goes in mouth at this point* I seriously didn't think she was serious but turns out Wei speed walking = Wei running. I thought about teaching her how to really run... but then I though nah, at least now I know I can always catch her hehehe.



Red Cat Firsts:
~ Shopping in a mall with 8 floors
~ Shopping in a mall that was like a maze
~ Seeing so many stores in such a small space
~ Changing clothes out in public behind a curtain only
~ Buying “happy pills” hehehe
~ Feeling very crowded, people pushing everywhere!

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photo by: FK27