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There are some people I want to thank in China. Some people that made my life easier, enriched my experience and brought me a lot of joy. They taught me how being culturally different can be fun, amusing and worth a laugh. They showed me a better way to do a task, a different view on the same subject and taught me that if you feel like you don't belong in the life you are given; chances are someone up in the big sky made a mistake on your order and you landed in the wrong part on Earth.

~*~ Family~*~
Zhou Family (Mama & Baba)

I could have never asked for a better family to become a part of. While in China, I never felt without family, never felt lonely because I had two great people who took me in as a daughter and treated me like they would do their own. I want to thank Wei's mom, for being so accepting of our relationship and so open about it. For allowing herself to embrace the fact that I am from a completely different world basically and having the patience to teach me Chinese ways. I really am going to miss the laughs, the jokes and the teasing. Keep working on your English! Also, Wei's father for being supportive and and a positive personality.

Yang Family (Xiao Yi (Auntie), Shu Shu (Uncle) & Johnsen)
I have to give thanks to Xiao Yi and Yang Shu Shu, for welcoming us so warmly into their home and not having a problem with our relationship. I was spoiled, I was part of conversations and Xiao Yi even made attempts to talk to me, encouraging me to use Chinese as well. I loved the motorcycle rides as well by Yang Shu Shu! It was great, and the gifts were wonderful. I am sad to have left China and left behind this great family but I know I am apart of it now and I will always be able to come back to it. Thank you. Oh and Johnson, thank you for helping Wei with her computer!

Li Family (Auntie, Uncle & Li)
They took us in when we were homeless and they let us stay when we needed a place in Wuhan. Li did so much to get my passport, lead me around places I needed to go when Wei wasn't in China and I won't forget this. This is what family does for one another and I can only hope to extend that same curtesy one day; perhaps to Li's future children.

Fang Family (Uncle, Auntie & Matt)
Fang Shu Shu was one of the most interesting and hilarious people I met in China. Good natured and full of laughs, I had a great time meeting him. I sadly didn't see Auntie much, but I did get to see Matt (Fang Ming Hui) in the end and I am happy I could spoil him a bit. But boy! What an active son they have on their hands!

Xiao Mama & Friends
The watermelon, walks and sports were great, but the talks were even better. Xiao mama was great for conversations, for business ideas and she taught me how to gamble! Shhhhh! I loved trying to speak Chinese with her, I even surprised her sometimes with how much I did know, and I won't forget how good natured everyone of Mama's friends was. I really want to come back and see you all again!

Abby-> One of the best people I met and made friends with in Wuhan. I am so happy I got to work along side you and have you in my China experience because you are just that awesome. Abby helped me so much in trying to get my passport and in the case against New Jordan International Education Group. I can't thank her enough!

Craig & Sasha -> Foreign co-workers of mine from India, I am so sorry wei and I didn't get to see you before we left but I want you to know that we loved visiting you guys in Wuhan and we are hoping to see you in the future; maybe in India? You are the most fun people I have ever met! And the most honest and open hearted people too!

Kris & Herin-> Quite simply to put, being with you two was a blast and I won't forget the bullying soon Kris! Now I know what it means to be "accepted" into the friend circle. I wish we could have done more together but life's like that. I'll be back to have more smiles!

Cindy & Wendy-> What can I say? You two are not funny, you're hilarious and the time we did spend together always had laughs and teasing; joking like all good friends should. Being friends with you two let me see what life growing up could have been like for me, and with friends like you two and a city as big as China can provide; I think it would have been an exciting chapter in my life; my childhood. Thanks so much for giving that to me now!

Ray, Kitty & Ike-> Ike's birthday was a blast and I'm happy to have shown some of my Chinese skills (as limited as they were) to a group of friends who didn't mind my clumsiness in other Chinese aspects!

Jeni (Dan Dan)-> Loyal always, laughs a plenty and good at giving advice, lending a hand and keeping surprise secrets (even though Wei is too good at detective work for her own good). We missed the meeting up part but it's ok, there is plenty of time in the future; espeically at the wedding (which you must attend) hehe.

Cheney-> I want to thank you for your kindness and friendship when I needed it most, on my trip to Hong Kong. I was so nervous but with your help it made the process so much easier. I won't forget that. I hope your studies go well in Hong Kong.

Jay & "No.1"-> If there is one thing I regret, it is not being able to visit in August (what a shame!). It was great having you and No.1 stay for a visit, what great guests you two are! Thanks for the treats, the memories but most importantly; now it is my turn to ask "Jay Jay, what are you doing?"

Julia-> Julia... ok I won't tease you too bad. I won't tell them how when Wei and I went to visit and your bed was a mess, or the fact that sometimes due to your poor eyesight you never even noticed us walking by you (I also won't admit that I didn't notice you right away either) and I most certainly won't mention how easy and fun it is to tease you. You are a great person, a great friend and a lot of fun to be with!

Lu-> I am so happy we got to meet up. Sorry we didn't get to go out much but you can be sure I'll be keeping in touch, writing cards and letters (I hope to get some too like the good old days?) and looking forward to hearing about your travel stories now!

Brett & Liva-> Let's just say, it was good to have other foriegners on my side who felt the same way I did. It made me realize I wasn't crazy or an evil person. Thank you.

Daniel -> Thanks for letting us crash at your place when I landed. It gave Wei and I some bonding time. I've also heard these infamous stories of how you can eat 60 dumplings at one sitting... remind me not to treat you out to dinner ok? *wink*

(Pictures to come)

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