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So Wei and I got up early from a night at Auntie's (Li's mom) to catch a taxi, to catch a coach, to go to the Wuhan airport and catch a plane that would send me to Canada. Whew! What a mess of connections where anything could go wrong. Since we ran a little late in the morning we weren't sure we were going to make all the connections and decided that since traffic was horrid, take the taxi right to the airport. It cost us about 90RMB but was well worth it since our plane tickets cost more than that!

Our last day together was spent getting my passport with took all morning and then sheparding Wei around with 80,000RMB in her school bag. Ya, I know what you are thinking. Get this, if she wanted to transfer the money she had to stick it all in a certain bank because the banks in China apparently won't transfer to other bank accounts outside of their company. For example Bank of China won't transfer to CIBC. So we withdrew all the money from every bank, stuck it in Bank of China and transfered it to where it needed to go. She lost her ID card twice (which tells me she was nervous and stressed because Wei loses nothing. Ever.) and I luckily had enough calm to tell her where it might be and find it again. After that was the bank note which we waited forever for but I don't mind. It meant with all this done, Wei was finally able to leave Shanghai after I left and go directly home to Jingzhou.

We tried to eat at Bright Coffee one more time but they weren't open for business until the 16th. Such a shame. So we dined out like old times, something we hadn't done in ages, and ordered some meat and potatoes, a tomato seaweed soup as well as my favurite si gua dish. That night I spent falling asleep with Wei reading a newspaper beside me and a hard cushion under my head. I'd ask for that back any time.

So once we reached Wuhan airport we caught our plane and Wei was right, the food was actually better than I expected. The ride was only 1 hour, which shocked us both, and during that time Wei fell asleep while I just watched her. At Shanghai airport it was another story. Our baggage came quick, the place was huge but not uncharted and we found we had at least 4 hours to kill before I had to check in to wait to board my flight. We met up with an old friend and Xiao mama's daughter who gave me two very beautiful paintings. Being a famous painter in China hers sell for more than 5000RMB per painting. There were laughs, there were smiles, but there was a lot of business talk too.

When the final moment came, it tore me apart and I didn't know if I was going to be able to let go. I gave hugs to everyone but, hugging Wei that one final time was harder than anything I have ever experienced. Knowing I was going to be letting her go for who knows how long, really did me in. She gave me cute kisses and we embraced twice, but it still wasn't enough.

I left with a wave and into customs I went, my friends and the love of my life disappearing from view.

Customs was easy, much easier than I expected but the wait for my seat was longer. Actually, by the time I made it to the boarding section, I didn't have to sit long and watch ping pong;though I would have loved spending this time with Wei instead.

Air Canada was a much better flight for a few reasons.
1. The seats were way more comfortable than United Airlines. They had a neck/head peice you could fold around you and lean on.. so it functioned like a pillow of sorts.
2. You could plug in your laptop or MP player to avoid using battery or display it on their TV screen.
3. The movie selection, TV selection and kids programs contained many choices. In United Airlines, you could watch one movie in Chinese, one in English and all they did was switch the languages after each viewing. Very boring.

I sat beside a friendly American who I got to talk a little bit too, but overall the 14 hour flight back to Canada was good. My legs didn't even complain this time.

Once home, it took me 1 hour to get my luggage and the plane had already run 30 minutes late. By the time I came out to meet my parents I wondered if they were worried for me. Guess they know how things go better than I do because they expected all the delays.

There was one moment though, when my mom just broke into tears. She was so happy to see me, so emotionally moved. I admit, a litte awkward for me because I am not moved to happy tears normally. It felt weird being back, it felt weird being strong for my mother (especially when I was happy to go to China and didn't want to come back) but just to see all the white people in Canada was astounding. I still haven't stopped calling them "foreigners" even though now they aren't!

Adjusting here has been really tough. Dad wow-ed me with what he has done to the house and garden. I'm helping mom clean up and let go of past stuff in the house and it's good to see everyone again. However, I don't sleep well. I'm not use to not much happening around and I deffinately can't get past the difference socially, in culture here.

All of this, just made one thing very clear to me; something my friends in China have been saying for a long time now. I really am a Chinese in disguise. I will return to China again; I need to. As Wei says, I'm not going home, home is China and I am just going on a trip for awhile.

Thanks everyone for reading my blog! For joining me on my trip!

huibdos says:
Thank you for sharing.
I Loved reading it.
Posted on: Aug 01, 2011
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