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There is a lot to talk about but I’m not really sure what to talk in terms of travel. I did mention this would be a blog about my stay in China and don’t want to disappoint my friends who want to keep posted on my daily living but at the same time I don’t want to ramble on about life. Maybe I’ll highlight some key points this week to keep everyone happy.


Firstly, Wei went away after her IELTS exam about eight days ago. It’s been hard without her here even though we can text and talk a fair bit. She’s been looking after her mom as her mother had a minor operation and will be all better by tomorrow according to doctors. Problem is, Wei is coming home to me all tired and run down; did I fail to mention at 8pm at night as well? I work the next day and she wants to sleep so basically it’ll be a “Hi Honey you’re home! Night!” which really sucks because I haven’t seen her for so long and we have some big, couple decisions to make and talk about.


Which leads me to one of those topic discussions. Wei’s parents bought me an early birthday gift, courtesy of Wei telling them I really wanted one. We had bounced the idea off the walls but both Wei and I are responsible people who decided in the end we just couldn’t get one. Well, her parents did it for us; they bought me a puppy. Yes, a small dog that looks like a fox apparently. I don’t know its gender just yet nor its breed but I am guessing a male Pomeranian or a mix of that. Anyways, I was happy and excited but now I am unsure. Her mother was originally going to have it for 1-2 months to train it but I could see all sorts of problems with that; so I asked if I could train it myself (maybe that’s silly of me). At any rate, Wei doesn’t seem inclined to help with the puppy even though it was her parents who went ahead and got it for us and I don’t know when I am getting it, or what to expect. It’ll be good to have the company when Wei goes away again but I’m going to need her friend’s to help me walk it while I work.. that or we have to litter train it. So, it’s a blessing and a curse. Oh don’t worry, Wei’s parents are aware they will likely have to take it back in less than a year’s time as Wei and I will be leaving China.


So most of my time is taken up due to work. I finally fought them and won about leaving early on Thursdays but oh, they are such a horrible company. Poorly run, aren’t good in educating the children and are big money pinchers. I actually got asked what I was doing playing with the children, who told me to do that. The teachers seemed shocked I would want to interact with the kids outside of teaching them. Uh.. I love kids. For the record, I love playing with kids. They get excited, the most simplest of things can be turned into a game and best of all; they love to learn as much as I do. So, yeah. Why wouldn’t I want to bond with my students?


Lastly, I’ve been training myself; training myself to spin the ball on my finger on my left hand. I can do that “basketball” move flawlessly on my right index finger but not on the left. I’ve made headway, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But, I am getting more consistent. Also, after watching Twilight a second time (I know I know) I decided to try it with the ball, the move Edward pulls with the apple. Basically, when the ball bounces or goes to hit the ground you point your toes towards the ground and straighten out your leg, hitting the ball on the flat of your upper foot to send it back to you without having to reach for it. I love this move; it feels great to perform it and looks smart too. The kids were all trying to mimic this and the spinning ball trick. So that’s what I have accomplished this week. Oh, and still working on getting that Forest Park blog up. I think I will just tell Wei I have to blog in the moment or forget it. I want my emotions to be portrayed in my writing; not just recount a past tale.


RedCat Firsts

~ Owning her own dog

~ Spinning a ball on left index finger

~ Being asked why I was playing with the kids and told maybe I shouldn’t; just stick to my regular job

~ Being told I’m not aloud to do anything but stare at a white wall if I decide I want to leave early Thursdays


P.S. I really hate work.

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