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So I haven't updated all that needs to be caught up for the Jingzhou trip nor some events afterwards but I am not too far behind. It's mostly pictures I regret not having the chance to post as I have some very cute, funny or interesting angled photos I know many would enjoy. As I sit here typing this I am at work, during lunch. I spend 8 hours at this place and am paid for only 6 of those hours. Add on the bus ride home, being sick and needing to take about 6 different medications for that and you have yourself one very tired girl. I know it's not a fair or much of an excuse all together but it's the only explainantion I have for this blog coming to a bit of a drizzle in posts.

Today has been a very good day with the students, they love the games, stickers are a great incentive along with competition between the sexes; that really gets them participating.  Last night was a wonderful night, I finished all the chores and dinner just before 8pm and fell asleep about 9pm so I had no problem rising at 6:30am for work. Still, with all this said tonight will be a bit of a drag going home, mixed blessings. I have decided to get IV. After 6 kinds of medication, 2-3 weeks of a cold that really just won't go away I figure I might as well give an IV a shot. I'm terrified of needles though and walking into any little shop to have them poke me with that which I fear most is not exactly my idea of a pleasant trip home. Still, what's a Red Cat to do right?

Now for a little mushiness in my blogs.  Wei and I live in a place under construction, and it is because of this upkeep that this place is as nice as it is. Sometimes when people die they set off fireworks to help their beloved move from this world to the next. Sometimes they light fireworks to celebrate when a project is complete. None the less, it's easy to let one's self think sometimes that those fireworks going off are celebrating our love, our life together as we fall asleep in each other's arms late into the evening.

Well that's all I have to say at this moment, back to lesson planning and feeling mixed up about going home. I will try to get on top of those missing stories, those missing pictures and moments in my life that deserve to be shared with friends, family and the world. They will come now that I am feeling better but likely on my days off (Sunday/ Monday) with favour being Monday as Wei wants to go shopping for clothes on Sunday. Cheers all!

EDIT: Turns out IV is extremely expensive and I am slowly getting better, so no need for it.

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~ Taming the kids in Orange class

bound4home says:
As long as you are getting better that is good.
Posted on: Aug 06, 2009
redcatxia says:
Turns out i didn't need to get it (thank gods) but the medicine i am on now is helping.. this is just slow to go due to the conditions at the school. I slept a lot yesterday so that seemed to do the trick.
Posted on: Aug 05, 2009
bound4home says:
Hey did the IV help any? Thanks for keeping it real for us.
Posted on: Aug 05, 2009
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