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Some days there were firsts that just didn't have much of a story to go with them. So here they are thus far with their respective dates.

Red Cat Firsts - The Lost Manual

June 4th 2009
~ My first bus ride to work alone
~ First popsicle in China (which would lead to many more there after)
(only cost 50 cents RMM, 10 cents Canadian)

June 8th 2009
~ Using an arport squat toilet (only to later find they had some western ones too)
~ Eating a sub without touching it (I'm crafty! Or just observant)
~ Riding the subway alone (it's scary when you're not sure what you're doing)
~ On a plane in a lightening storm (Is this safe and do I have a choice?)
~ First subway ride

July 2nd 2009
~ Taking subway from Wan Chai to Jordan alone

First Impressions of Hong Kong
~ Huge hills and mountains!
~ Beautiful but also modern
~ Looks like it is a rich city, so no surprise it is expensive to live there!
~ Reminds me of a rich USA city like L.

A or New York

September 26th 2009
~ A young student offered me his bus seat even though he wasn't getting off (even using English!)

Month of November and December: 2009
~ Students share their candies with me and give me heart like paper (so cute)

November 26th 2009
~ Coffee came home, my first dog (my very own!)

December 2nd 2009
~ First time Coffee fell asleep on my feet! First time having a puppy do so.

Month of June 2010
~ Having my students hug/kiss and tell me that they love me (I love you too Sam)

July 3rd
~ First time eating box turtle

July 4th
~ First time eating eel

July 7th
~ First time getting a family heirloom from my partner's family (I am so happy!)

bound4home says:
Interesting Firsts
Posted on: Aug 19, 2009
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