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Today was a very good day; this whole week actually has treated me well. Not only have I had some ego boosts but I have also felt that this week has blown right by me; something that hasn’t happened until now. Today in particular I was faced with a daunting challenge and met it head on; for what choice did I have really? I had to teach two classes that lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes; challenging when you have students that don’t really want to learn about some silly English story over and over again for that length of time. Still, I pulled it off. Not only that but I came up with some fun ESL games that the kids had never played before and when I lost they could teach me some Chinese, but when one of them lost, they would speak some English. I noticed they collected stickers in the front of their books and put my sparkly, rainbow stickers that all the kids seem to love up for grabs to anyone brave enough to say four of the ten English words they had recently learned, without my help. It did the trick, they loved it and each time someone got a sticker the others became braver and wanted a try. In the end I felt very good about the lesson as a whole.


Also, something interesting that I have noticed over these past few weeks is that the Chinese teachers have been adopting my creative English games. I created games because I had to tailor them to the lessons I was teaching, to not knowing how many would be in my class and of course to spark some new life into my students who had dulled with time. Recently I came up with a great competitive game that had everyone wanting to play it and just today I noticed in one teacher’s room they had made the exact same materials to play these games of mine. Also, some teachers have taken to keeping a ball in their classroom to play my ball game, or rewarding the students with the same method I did. In the end I don’t mind, I just hope they don’t over use the games and in the meantime I will create more games they have never seen before. I must be doing something right if trained, experienced teachers are using games created by a newbie in the teaching world.


Also noteworthy is that today when Wei and I were going home from Bright Coffee the bus broke down at the bus stop. Immediately all the men started filing off the bus and I asked her if we had to get off it too. Apparently only the men get off and push the bus to help start it. I didn’t believe as this is not something we do in Canada, yet here were these grown men pushing the bus and indeed it started up, they boarded and soon we were well on our way home. The things you will see in China!


Lastly, today there was some construction happening near Bright Coffee so most of the street was blocked off except for a narrow stretch. At first I didn’t know what was holding everybody up until Wei gave me everything to hold onto and began to push on a horizontal wagon with crushed cardboard boxes on it; being pulled by an eighty year old woman. She helped the woman get her wagon free, asked if she needed further assistance and then we were on our way. I agree with Wei, why was no one helping this woman? What would it have taken to do this good deed? This is why I love Wei, because she does those little things out of the blue that no one else thinks to do.


Oh, really the last thing this time. Yesterday was a boy’s birthday so in one of his classes I was presented with a huge piece of cake that I stored away for lunch time. Then, in my very last class he was there celebrating with them, so I ended up with a second piece of cake; more sugar than I am use to! So I teased and teased Wei about this fact. Also, today in one of my classes they were eating grapes and I was presented with one, peeled at that. Apparently the Chinese peel everything that can be peeled so I mentioned how we do not do this. It was interesting and tasty!


Red Cat Firsts:
~ Feeling like the week has blown by
~ Eating two pieces of cake

~ Teaching a class for 1 hour and 20 minutes
~ Ate a peeled grape
~ Having experienced teachers use my ideas
~ Seeing and being on a bus pushed by men

bound4home says:
Really enjoyed reading about this adventure.
Posted on: Aug 09, 2009
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Today was a really good day, actually this whole week was wonderful in that I am now at my two day off mark and I feel like I just had two days off yesterday! So the week really just blew by me. What's more is that the teacher's at my school love my games apparently because so far they have stolen several of my esl games I thought up. Do I mind? Not at all, it makes me feel good to know my games were good enough to excite and entertain the kids so much so that the Chinese teachers at the school think it's a great enough idea to use it too. I just hope they don't over do it or the kids will grow bored. Also, they adopted and expanded on my reward system I used with the kids. So I must be doing something right. ^.^ I had a few hard classes today but my last one ended up great. The kids had fun, I learned some Chinese and they even braved saying new words on their own to earn themselves a very pretty, sparkly sticker; something the other teacher's don't have to reward them with。 All in all, I had a great day.

Also, noteworthy and quite funny was when the bus shut down on our way home from BC.  All the men were told to get out and push it so the driver could get it going. I was indeed shocked as this never happens in Canada; yet Wei said it happens from time to time. Oh, the men did indeed push the bus and get it going again; quite the sight!

Last word, when Wei and I were on our way to BC (Bright Coffee) an elderly woman of maybe 80 was pulling a horizontal cart with empty, crushed boxes. Due to construction and the area being blocked off it was too narrow for her to get past a certain place without help. I didn't see what was going on until Wei jumped in, but everyone was just standing there waiting for her to get by and were not even offering help! Wei jumped in and helped push from behind to get the woman past her obstacle, then asked if she needed further assistance. At the end of the day, I am proud of Wei for doing the right thing and she is right in saying, " Why does no one help? They should help!"


Red Cat Firsts:
~ Having teacher's "borrow" my esl game ideas
~ Seeing men push a bus to start it up
~ Feeling like the week just passed me by
~ Teaching 1 hour and 20 minute classes

bound4home says:
Looking forward to more of your travel blogs.
Posted on: Aug 12, 2009
bound4home says:
ah this must be your second attempt.. but fortunately your original is also posted.
Posted on: Aug 09, 2009
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