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So today Wei and I had agreed to go have lunch with her father's co-worker and his family, which we felt a little tirsome to do but none the less couldn't pull out. I am happy we didn't, it was well worth getting up early to have a splendid home cooked meal of many veggies and mutton cooking right in front of our eyes. Surprisingly I used my chopsticks well and met for the second time, the son. These were the two guys that brough our dog from Jingzhou for us and even took us home after baba's nephew's wedding. We met his friends and girlfriend who then invited us along while they dropped off some clothing from their online store to a person who bought them.

The malls were crowded as sales took place for the western new year and I was just overwhelmed by how many bodies can fit in such a maze of tiny shops. If they were the average westerner trying to do this, impossible. They would struggle through most if not all the places we went. I am so happy I lost weight! Anyways, afterwards they invited us to the arcade. Now I have not been to one in so long! Or at least it feels like forever. The lights and noises were overwhelming but so amazing. I guess with Kris and them was the last time we went to an arcade. Anyways, they bought us so many tokens to use and then we all went about our business to play.

Wei and I waited and found an opening to play some basketball in which we later gave up our winning tickets in the end as we hardly come to the arcade. Truth is though, it was so busy that everything good was taken. So I snagged Wei a fighting game but we didn't do so well. After about 2-3 hours of wandering we began looking for her father's friend's son when i noticed a man getting up from his car racing game, something Wei loves to play. So I grabbed her and we jumped into the seat. Next to us on our right was a boy about the age of 7 maybe with his parents. We didn't know at first but we were competeting against him. Well, Wei beat him and won first place. So he had to insert coins and we played for free. Then she beat him again and gave the controls to me. So then I beat him two times. Well, by the point of 4 losses his parents were not happy so they made him leave. Ah, winning over a spoiled child kind of felt nice. Anyways, another boy who was older, maybe around 10, jumped into his seat and played me. Let me just say he was good. I don't do racing games and he seemed pro. He stayed on my tail the whole time and I beat him by a crosshair. He was eager to play again and by the second time I got sloppy and he beat me by that crosshair, so I shook his hand when he won (which he was just estatic as we were unbeatable up to this point) and Wei and I left. After all, we would have had to insert more coins and already everyone including us was eager to leave the noise and flashy lights behind.

Back into open air we went back to have dinner with the family before taking our leave for the evening. It was so enjoyable, the food was great, the company even better. These are the experiences I enjoy here in China. And what did that cost Wei and I? Nothing more than some bus tickets and our time.

RedCat Firsts:
~ Eating a fish organ specific to fish
~ Winning car arcade races, I am so bad at these games!

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