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 I don’t know what happened today but an act of love is what came from it. Wei and I got up to go run an errand when I suddenly got very sick. It started with some maturational cramps while we waited for the bus, then it turned into nausea that had me bending over a curb before turning into a full blown body sickness that left me unable to walk because I felt too weak. It was the worst thing I have ever felt in my life I actually would have preferred death if I didn’t think it would ever go away. Wei carried a weakened me back to the house, but not before I nearly lost my hearing and eyesight. Yes that is right, I could barely hear and tough my eyes were open wide I could barely see little more than the blackness trying to take over, it was like one of those photoshop textures where everything is splotches of deep colours. Anyways, I made it back home only to roll around in unbelievable pain, childbirth must be something close to this kind of pain. I hope I didn’t cause Wei too much embarrassment on the street, I really couldn’t walk; I didn’t think I would make it.


Wei took care of me, she got me my heater and everything but what was really an act of love was that she flushed the toilet for me. I won’t go into detail, but for a woman who can’t stand sickness and having only a manual squat toilet… well, it was definitely an act of love.


I love Wei, I’m going to marry this woman.

And ya, I am ok now. Let’s hope this never happens to me again in my life. I am guessing it was all do to the curse.

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photo by: redcatxia