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These days consisted of Mama (Wei’s mom) staying over, her friend Sunny visited along with Julia, Li, Ike, Ray and Neil. Great guys (and girls)! Sunny is a nurse at one of the larger hospitals in Wuhan (they are all large!) and I do feel bad because up until this point I never really got to settle in and ended up a mess by Saturday. Quite literally. I’m not sure when it hit me but somewhere between coming home and being happy to be home with just mama and I there to communicate with gestures as we put clothing away to between dinner time when Wei was still out it just hit me. Not home sickness, not the “I want to go home right now” sort of feeling but the “What are you thinking? You mess up everything!?! You can’t do anything right and you hate this!” sort of feeling. It’s a mixture between feeling a failure (which I take very hard) and feeling embarrassed.

Previous to all this I had eaten dinner at Li’s mom and dad’s; it was my first time meeting (insert Chinese name for aunt) and Mama. Well, I had the art of chopsticks down until I dropped a mushroom on my lap followed by eating a piece of fish to discover that the Chinese love to cook with the bones still in. This was the most embarrassing part and dare I say I actually wanted to start crying right there at the table. I did not, cry that is, at the table but I did lose my appetite and come Saturday it led to my breakdown. Sorry Mama!

So it was just Sunny, Mama and me and then I got up and lay down in the bed, hiding myself under the sheet (so childish I know!). Poor Mama thought I was angry at her and Wei came home with the “omg what happened?” expression on her face. Just to fast-forward here, it led to Mama discovering I wasn’t mad at her, Sunny ended up having to leave without much of a goodbye from me (I do apologize once again) and Wei was almost in tears also; figuring I just wasn’t happy in China. Kudos to my partner, she did try to cheer me up, pull me out of bed (quite literally) and at the end of the day it was just me feeling sorry for me. What made the evening better? I apologized to mama and she gave me a hug and Wei felt better once she understood that I was and am happy; it’s just I haven’t had time to rest my head and absorb everything in as I’d been going to work. All in all, we got through the weekend.

Some definite highlights and memorable moments were when we went to have dinner at Li’s and I know Wei is an easy drunk so I gave her very little wine. Well, with nothing but ¼ a shot glass of wine left I chugged mine and she asked if she could chug hers. Not thinking I said “sure you can”. Well, Wei’s face went red and while we were out with Auntie and Mama shopping for supplies Wei was stumbling, acting inappropriately and I was left to do damage control. Perhaps if I wasn’t a westerner trying to make a good impression to the Chinese people and her family then it would have been funnier.. looking back it’s hilarious. Oh, and Wei can’t drink anymore.

Oh, it was lovely to meet you, Ike, Ray, Neil, Julia, Sunny, Mama and Auntie and yes, in China taking the bus can be crazy. They really do pack them so tight that people hang off the door that opens to let people on and off!

bound4home says:
You did so much in such a short time
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
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