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So today was a very importat first. While it may not be completely travel related it is due to traveling and my change of diet; change of habits. Needles to say I had been putting this day off for awhile just so I could shock myself when it came and boy was I pleasantly surprised! I have lost a lot of weight. When I say this, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that my previous weight was once 175lbs and is now at about 150lbs. Still heavier than I should be sure, but I am toning up and seeing how much I lost really makes me happy. However, I find it difficult to see the weight off of me though it's much clear for others. Instead, I gauge how much I have lost according to what clothes I can fit into with my ultimate goal of being able to wear one of Wei's belts (if you've ever seen them then you will understand for Wei has some very pretty, girly belts).

Today I was figuring out what to wear to work tomorrow and discovered that the jeans I want to fit comfortably back into are not so bad to wear now, could improve but very do-able to wear to work. This made me try on a favourite pair of shorts my friend gave me. Now when I first was given these shorts they were too big for my friend and too small for her mom, a perfect fit on me. Now, they are much too big and can't be worn without a belt. In fact, the leg parts are far too loose too. I was so pleased I bit my bottom lip and wondered, maybe just maybe I could use one of Wei's belts to hold my shorts up. So out I pulled one of my favourites and began to thread it through. When I went to do it up I was even more thrilled to find that I could! I can wear Wei's belts! Mind you, it s at the last whole so I still need to lose more weight but I can finally wear her belts! This is such a great feeling and improvement to my health, my confidence as a woman.  I admit, I have become a little more aware of weight and losing it, I'm making a contious effort to do so. I walk when I can, stand after meals, stand on the bus, eat meals according to the time of day and avoid snacks as best I can. I still need to trim some off my tummy, but my legs, face, arms, stomach; everything is becoming smaller and I am just so pleased about this. Soon I will be asking to borrow Erin's clothing and telling her "eek, too big!"

Also, it may be noteworthy to mention that Wei has a singer/song composer friend who is quite popular and famous here in China. He's asked if I can write some lyrics for their music and Wei to help sing some songs. So you never know, we may make it on an album after all ^.^

Red Cat Firsts:
~ Wearing Wei's belt
~ Being around 150lbs in quite some time
~ Feeling more body confident

bound4home says:
Enjoyed the information on what fruit is available to eat. Looking forward to trying it.
Posted on: Aug 04, 2009
bound4home says:
Wow 25 pounds.. you can stop any time now, as I am sure you look great.
Posted on: Jul 28, 2009
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