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The boy in the brown is Andy, the boy in the yellow is Cody

The beauty about children is their innocence. How they can tell a good person from a bad person, how they are always so eager to learn and play. It makes me smile and that was probably one of the reasons I could keep teaching; for the children.

Over my year in China I taught many kids. Some I got to know better than others, but I always enjoyed teaching them all; even the more challenging ones.

I won't forget how they hugged, kissed and fought over who could sit on me, next to me and all around me. I won't soon forget the "I love yous” I got from them, the gifts and the bright smiles or ringing sound of laughter. It makes it all worth it. So let me tell you a little bit about the last 12 students I taught.

Wendy building on her own.

Sam - Was my oldest and brightest student of 6 years old. He had a little sister in a lower grade. Sam's English was only rivaled by Wendy's but he was always trying to communicate with me. Both his parents were fluent in English so I imagine that is why he did so well. Sadly when a change over in teachers took place they picked on Sam and he once told me "I no like her" (meaning the new teacher). When I left, they were looking into the problem.

Andy - Was one of my most active boys at 5 years old. He was also the naughtiest, pushing boundaries and trying to see how far he could get before being punished. He loved to fight the other boys, was very competitive and made great effort to speak English. Unfortunately, Andy's pronunciation had a lot of problems.

Josh sleeping. What a cutie!
Still, he tried and that is what mattered most.

Scott - Was the newest addition towards the end of my working experience. I was lucky enough to name him (a normal name too!) At first he didn't like participating but it turns out he is a very bright boy with good English. He is just shy, but he has very nice manners.

Cody - Cody was the youngest at 4 years old (middle student) and I was lucky enough to name him too. He was so happy to have an English name and while his mind couldn't focus for long lengths of time, he still loved learning. I remember thinking how much he looked like his mother (literally a clone!) and I will never forget when he was finally able to recognize his name. Every time he saw the letter C he would call out "CODY!"

Robin - Was one of the quietest and soft spoken students I had.

Robin working on what we built together.
He was clever though he didn't like to openly participate without some encouragement. There is one thing I taught him that makes me smile to this day. While playing with blocks I built a track to race a circle down. After that day when he helped me build it, he would pull out those blocks and begin building a track of his own that rivaled mine! Oh, and let's not forget how he started to hum and sing to himself like I do when I am happy or working on a project! hehe

Wendy - Was my oldest and best girl in my class at English. She sadly, would get bored of some lessons because while others had not learned it, she was already ready to move onto the next topic. She was very good at expressing herself, memorizing speeches and drawing pictures which she loved to do. Wendy was a wonderful student to teach!

Wilma - One of the older students, Wilma was not the strongest in English but she was well mannered and at the appropriate level.

Robin started building these on his own after I showed him.
She was always a positive student with a good attention span and friendliness. She never stirred up any trouble.

Jenny - I had the chance to name Jenny, and it suited her so well! When Jenny first came she was so shy and quiet. She wouldn't speak Chinese or English, just make sounds! Well, by the time I left Jenny was all hugs, kisses and even trying to talk to me in Chinese! I remember that she was the artist of the group. She loved to draw and at her age she was so good at it too! I loved to display her work around the classroom.

Kitty - Kitty was a bit of a troublemaker as far as girls go. But she also knew how to pay attention and learn. She got along with the boys more than the girls I think, but she was definitely girly. She was bright, eager to learn and loved to keep busy; though sometimes she got distracted or into fights.

Left to Right: Kitty and Sam, after our lesson on body parts.

I ended up teaching some Junior students to for a good portion of the year. I know we're not supposed to pick favourites but...when you get students as rich and spoiled as these ones are it's hard not to.

My favourite junior was Josh. I got to name him and I loved him like an older sister would love her younger brother. He was deffinately my "little buddy". Josh would come in crying, I'd take him and he'd be all better to start the school day. He always called me "Jie Jie" (older sister in Chinese) and when he wanted to play or wanted attention he would come to me. I remember him sneaking up to see what I was doing and I'd look at him and he would then get this mischievous grin on his face, giggle and run into my arms. He was also so priceless in his expressions.

Josh having fun on the slide.
I caught some pictures of him sleeping, eating popcorn while two students fought; and the joy when he went down the slide. I remember he was so scared to go through the tunnel on the playground and go down the big slide. Once I did it with him, he had no problem going it alone. I will sincerely miss Josh. He was so great and only 2 years old!

With the best student comes the worst. I also named this student and when I named her I never thought it would fit her personality! Emma was by far everyone's nightmare. She was a classic case of spoiled only child. She cried every day when she came to school and through the whole day pretty much. She constantly picked fights, ran from the classroom, disobeyed requests etc. Somehow I got her to like me, I guess because I was firm with her but good at distracting her with her favourite play (run away from the big bad wolf!).

Josh enjoying his popcorn while students fight.
But she was a headache to all teachers and as much as I shouldn't say, I am a little glad this three year old isn't my child *sweatdrop*

And lastly, my most challenging student. Basically, a little "Wei Wei". Yes, Linda, or Mei Ling as I called her by her Chinese name was a little version of Wei. Clever, smart, eager to learn, quick to learn but deffinately into everything! If you don't keep an eye on her she is bound to destroy something, run out of the classroom or get on your nerves. I really think it is just because everything comes too easy for Linda. Her favourite activity is dancing and singing; when she isn't having fun driving you crazy! I can only pray Wei and I don't have a daughter like that!

Well, that's all my students and all I can say is "What an Experience!"
Enjoy the photos!

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The boy in the brown is Andy, the …
The boy in the brown is Andy, the…
Wendy building on her own.
Wendy building on her own.
Josh sleeping. What a cutie!
Josh sleeping. What a cutie!
Robin working on what we built tog…
Robin working on what we built to…
Robin started building these on hi…
Robin started building these on h…
Left to Right: Kitty and Sam, afte…
Left to Right: Kitty and Sam, aft…
Josh having fun on the slide.
Josh having fun on the slide.
Josh enjoying his popcorn while st…
Josh enjoying his popcorn while s…
Robin built a gun, with a view. Th…
Robin built a gun, with a view. T…
Left to Right: Cody, Kitty, Sam. A…
Left to Right: Cody, Kitty, Sam. …
Wilma working on a project.
Wilma working on a project.
photo by: FK27