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When she reads this, she is going to call me a little monster, or lovingly tell me that she is angry but in truth I know she's just slightly embarassed. Still, it's too cute not to share, which is while I'll take the name calling all in fondness.

I came home during lunch and Wei tells me that my mom is online and that she is so sorry, she broke my ring. So of course I go online and write something like "WHAT! YOU BROKE MY JADE RING!!! HOW COULD YOU!?!?!" but seriously, I was only teasing. Poor mom! She was really worried about it too. So here I am to tell her this:

Mom, it really is ok. I mean, I am sorry it is broken too but Wei only sent it to me to make sure my ring size for the engagement ring. It can be replaced but you have no need to pay for it. It is not expensive nor that important over all. The pop tab Wei proposed to me with is actually of more value than it, and that is a pop tab after all. So don't worry, I think it's cute of you to fuss about it but no worries ok?

The best part of all this though is asking mom how she broke it. Apparently Mom missed me so much she put my ring on and then couldn't get it off! Hehehe awwww I should have given you something of mine you could hold onto for me. Sorry, I will be more thoughtful in the future!

Love you mom!

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photo by: FK27