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My favourite chocolate bar.. in Chinese!

It seemed so far away yet this day came all too soon. Wei had to leave for Hong Kong to go meet her future professors. While I smiled and waved her goodbye as the taxi took her from me I couldn’t help but hear the echo in the apartment upon closing the door alone. It has never felt so empty, a place of mine, than it had this very day. There were reminders everywhere for me; her shoes at the door, some clothes in the closet and of course her creams and soaps in the bathroom. Still, those are such impersonal items compared to having just had her within arms reach minutes before. If I had ever felt a sense of loss it was most certainly this day as I sat on the couch thinking “Okay, what now?”

Unfortunately for me there was no time to dwell longer than that.

Baozi, I love the veggie kind! We eat this for breakfast but if you're me, for lunch too!
I was due to meet Ms. Xia and head on over to the hospital to get my medical check done again. With blood work to start I really felt like fainting but held my own, followed by my eyes being tested (and without my glasses eeeek) and the colour scheme. I did some height and weight measurements, my blood pressure and of course a lovely ECG test. Luckily they shooed all the guys out, closed the door and only let one girl in since she needed the test down too. Not like back home at all where everyone gets privacy. The x-ray was different too. They didn’t make me take my clothes off, nor wear a special gown, or pull up my hair. I was in and out within minutes. Overall, I rate the experience a B only because I was too terrified and stress to remember the trauma of it.

This is where another embarrassing but rewarding experience comes in. Rewarding because it pays off for me later. I got lost. Not only did I get lost in China, but a very short distance from my home. How embarrassing! I had never walked around where I lived with Wei so when Ms. Xia dropped me off across the street I completely did not recognize my apartment building. After a few dizzy turns, walking up and down the street once or twice I decided there was only one thing left to do. “Ike! I’m lost help me!” Well he had no idea where I was, so with my smile and a very desperate look I asked some Chinese folk to get on my cell phone and speak with him. Needless to say, Ike came and rescued me, saving the day but I most definitely could not save face.

Just in time too! Some random guy came up to me and pointed at his cell phone. Now after much “I don’t understand” and him desperately trying to tell me something, I realized later what he wanted when he turned around, whistled to get my attention and blew me a kiss with two fingers. If he knew I was dating Wei he’d have run away after doing that. Lesson of the day, it never hurts not to understand.

Thanks for visiting me too Sunny, and bringing food with you! Western food I might add. It’s cute, because my Chinese friends bring me western food ^.^ Sunny always brings me something good to eat (Chinese or western) but more importantly, I enjoyed the company on one of the loneliest days of my stay.

bound4home says:
I would have been scared if I was lost.
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
bound4home says:
McDonalds in China? Who would have guessed.
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
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My favourite chocolate bar.. in Ch…
My favourite chocolate bar.. in C…
Baozi, I love the veggie kind! We …
Baozi, I love the veggie kind! We…
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