How 5RMB Changed My Life

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The day started off pretty badly, right from the get-go Wei and I woke up early for the  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx time and neither of us was in the mood to face a cold, damp and rainy day. Things were not taking a turn for the best when we hopped on a bus and i realized my bus card did not have the 50RMB i had just put in it yesterday, which meant a trip in the rain back to the super market. I didn't have a recipt though which meant we couldn't readily claim the 50RMB and some phone calls had to be made. Luckily, the woman working yesterday remembered me and we got the 50RMB put into the bank card.

Heading to our lawyer, i discovered 5RMB randomly on the ground. Wei told me we must spend it or else it will bring us bad luck. In China, money that is found needs to be spent.

Meeting with the lawyer we discovered he asked for a price that was just too large an amount and Wei and i had to decline, thinking that this was it; our luck had run out. We later checked out a school that was just too low a salary, too far from home and too much work; what a drag.

So we spent the money on some food on our way home. Then our luck changed. Our first lawyer took on our case again willingly, I am able to collect my pay from the school, the bus we took home lead us unknowingly to the food court where we got to eat our favourite foods and I got a call about another branch of that school that is near my home. It is, a palace, like Disney world for kids in kindergarten honestly. Anyways, I can bike there, the salary is higher, teach my own class. It may not be -perfect- but I think this is where i will teach.

See? See what a little 5RMB can do? Anyways, today is another rainy day but we get Wei's computer back and I have a really good idea about something, so I am going to try and work a little magic of my own.

Best Wishes and hope for some warm weather and sunshine for me!

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photo by: FK27