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So on our way home from BC, Wei pulls out the newspaper and laughing, explains what is so amusing. Russia has done it again, those crafty people that no one can bully and point fingers at.

Pirates in international waters attacked one of their commercial boats. What they were not expecting however, was for Russian military men to be on this boat also. So after striping the pirates of their weapons, food, GPS system etc. They put them back on a small boat and said "ok, you may leave now."

OK, let's be realistic, everyone knows the chances of them surviving are almost zero. They are sure to die at this point, but you can't blame the Russians. They never hurt or killed these horrible rebels who rape, pillage, burn, kill, kidnap and sell humans. Often they are never punished for their crimes either; they've become fearless. All the Russians did was protect themselves and give these criminals the freedom they cling to. Happy sailing boys!

The country where these pirates come from, Solmania? Or something similar, forgive my ignorance, is in an uproar and angry, saying that the Russians have a responsibility to give these men a fair trial and in their actions sentences them to death. But let's think about it.. these are international waters with no rules or regulations, why would Russia hold responsibility to send these men to court when the water is not theirs? And they didn't really kill these men did they? Mother Nature was left to do that.

In my opinion, they played it smart, made a mockry of the pirates and the country they originate from (sure there are likely bribes going on) and kept their hands clean by letting Mother Nature punish them as she sees fit. Good Job Guys. Justice is served.

On another note, I went to see "How to train your dragon" in 3D yesterday and liked it, though I could have enjoyed it without 3D too. I also collected an old 5RMB bill in mint condition! Which means a lot because I thought I would never see this bill ever in my life, even Wei hadn't seen it since primary school so for me to receive it was just.. wow, a horseshoe up my ...well, you know, as grandpa would say. So don't worry guys, I will gladly show everyone as soon as I return home :D

I watched a documentary on the Raping of Nanjing, I really wish I hadn't. I knew the Japanese were evil but I never knew the whole story. To see real live film, to hear real live accounts, to see the wounds on aging men and woman, once young and shot or raped was horrible. To hear aging Japanese men laugh and joke with things like "We were bored in Nanjing, so what could we do? We raped hahaha" was just horrific, and these were living soldiers speaking during an interview...

Yeah, I really wish I hadn't seen that. Now I know why grandpa didn't speak about war with the Japs.

Anyways, it's raining here in Wuhan and a thunderstorm is on the horizon so I'm going to smile at the little justice the Russians gave us; weather the world knows it or not. For sometimes we are blinded. When I was in Canada I could only see the faults that touched my country, but now I see the errors of the world since travelling. What a small place we live in, what ignorant people of the world we can be. Yet, how indifferent we really are, only humans is each one when we really take a closer look.

Zai Jian


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