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Today is just one of those days where not much gets done but it’s still a good day; probably because it’s spent in good company. Wei set to work on those e-mail letters she helps a company write while I moved about the house doing domestic chores and cooking us breakfast. By about noon we decided to go eat at Bright Coffee and just walk around Hubei University since it dwarfs many neighbourhoods I know. On our way to cross the sidewalk Wei ran into an old friend and classmate. So she treated us to a drink, we went to Hubei University together and she called up some other friends to join us. Most of the conversation was in Chinese but she spoke decent English as she majors in linguistics and talked to me here and there. She was a little surprised to see Wei with long hair as she only recalled the girl that was once a butch; but was not shocked that Wei was gay in the slightest bit.


Later Jesse met up with us and Wei’s other friend took her leave to go study. On one of the many lawns we sat and talked for several hours about anything and everything. How Wei and I met, how long we have been dating, where we will live, our future plans etc. She was a little shocked that their friend Julia knew we were in Wuhan but never said a word (most likely to protect Wei’s secret of being a lesbian) and of course to see that what Wei had told her so many years ago “I like girls” was actually more truth than a joke she had originally thought it for. She mentioned a job for Wei that would bring in some extra income without taking too much of Wei’s and my time together so it’s something we have yet to discuss.


We then went to go see her dorm room and surprise Julia as well in hers. First was Jesse’s dorm which she shares with four other girls. It’s tiny, very tiny and there are many bugs that they sleep with bug nets. Each has a small desk and a bunk like bed to sleep on. Unfortunately for Jesse, everyone in that room seems to be a bit messy so stuff was all over the place. After that we went a floor down to pop in on Julia; who was watching a movie despite her taped up note saying Spend more time reading and less time on the computer.” Every one of her three other roommates desks were cleaned off and organized, their beds made and pillows placed nicely while Julia’s bed was a mess. Sheets everywhere, pillow tossed in somewhere. Her desk was overflowing with food, drinks, shampoos, books and who knows what else. It was hilarious to see and she rushed to make her bed before I could take any pictures as evidence. Needless to say we had a lot of laughs this night.


What really made it all special though was seeing and feeling Wei cling to me, hold me close and kiss me; the way she laid against me as if to show our love to the world no matter how it might be received. It made me feel close to her, loved and a part of something special. I didn’t get done what I wanted to, but I don’t care. I spent the evening in good company and that is time well spent.


Red Cat Firsts:

~ Seeing a girl's dorm room

~ Seeing Julia's room

~ Meeting Jesse and Wei's other friend
~ Sitting and talking at Hubei Universiyt in a group

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photo by: FK27