The Freeing Of The Turtles!

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These are the last surviving turtles that we set free!

Today I have mostly a random collection of short tales to tell.


The first being the “Freeing of the Turtles!” Long has there been a group of turtles at our school brought by the students on request from the school in order to start a bio zone. Basically, the turtles got neglected and they among about 20 rabbits died off like flies. Well, I came along and made a habitat for the surviving 5 turtles, one of which is full grown. I was like a turtle activist at my school, ensuring they got fed, cleaned etc. Finally the neglect happened too long, I was being pressured to do other stuff and a tiny turtle who fought time and again to survive against great odds died… and began to rot even because no one removed him -_- So I said “f it!” and got a box, scooping up the last three baby turtles (the big one will go back to my student’s home because I think the mom wants the turtle back) and a fellow foreign teacher of mine (Brett) and I let them loose in the lake near the school.

Josh's sider turtle was cute, he would stick his legs straight out.
Well, if the tiny green slider turtle didn’t swim as fast as he could and the big slider turtle dive around in the deepest water he’s ever been in since birth. The box turtle huddled in the water, a bit scared but the other two loved it and now I rest easy. For whatever nature does with them, at least now they actually stand a chance at real survival and reproduction.


On another note, Wei did something that amused and continues to amuse me to this day, when we went to see the skin doctor. It is not uncommon for people to hand out flyers and advertisements on the street, tagging you in crowds so you can’t escape having to take one. Well, Wei was handed one, she walked slowly, reading it and when she finished she handed it back to the woman. It was so smooth and the way she did it was hilarious. Like she glanced at it, didn’t interest her so handed it back.

I made the box for them so these poor creatures could get some water. I am happy they are free now.


Yesterday Amy’s mom invited us to dinner which was simple delicious! It contained all my favourite dishes and some rooster soup which was wonderful! I actually ate my full for once too. Their home is beautiful. Previous to that, when the new flooring put in the day before was a disaster, Amy and her mother came over to give us meat zong zi, which was the first time I had had one and it too was good. Amy also made me a very lovely card in thanks for teaching her English! I was sooooo happy and I am a sap so you know I am keeping it :D


Cindy’s sister just gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. All natural too, no medical interference in conceiving and the first time twins in the family. That, is what I would call VERY LUCKY! Anyways, it’s some good news to share.


Amy, Tony, Kelly and Henry are students of mine whom I have taught for the past 8 Friday’s or mom (I’ve kind of lost track). I always taught them for 1 hour. Well, Kelly I got to name and Amy was previously Lily but she didn’t like this name given to her so I helped her change it today. Today we had a lot of fun, their English has improved! Tomorrow I will give Amy and Kelly their birthday gifts for July 2nd and 3rd. Tonight Tony said something really sweet that melted my heart. He said that when he gets older he wants to buy me a house so I can stay and teach him here. Those kids are some of the best kids I have met, and you know, they are Jingzhou local :P


So yeah, I have to remember some times that no matter how crappy my work life may be because the people I work for are difficult and intelligence challenged, there are still things that are worth smiling about, there are still challenges worth taking on and rewards immeasurable in words. I feel good and for now, that is enough.

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These are the last surviving turtl…
These are the last surviving turt…
Joshs sider turtle was cute, he w…
Josh's sider turtle was cute, he …
I made the box for them so these p…
I made the box for them so these …
photo by: FK27