Fight, Fight, Fight...Over What Again?

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Today was nothing particularly special, though there are still a few highlights and firsts to cover. One of them is doing laundry here for the first time. Wei took charge of that and I was more than happy to let her. For those of you who really can’t believe it, here are some pictures of her trying to figure it all out! I had to hang up the clothes though and while I am fairly tall my height just didn’t cut it so we had to use this hanging device. Apparently the Chinese have the art of doing laundry mastered too because it’s such an easy and effective reaching device to use which makes use of space and height. Secondly, is Wei getting angry. I’ve not had a problem yet with that; though my partner is a jealous and possessive lover (in her own words). Yet today it showed clearly. It could have been the timing, for Wei has been feeling a bit “off” today, or it could have been because she was tired or because it happened in her presence. None the less, I am use to random “Hello, Hello’s” and depending on who and where sometimes I smile, say hello back or just ignore so as not to fuel their amusement. Well, while passing one of the many security guards to our home one said “Hello Hello” so I politely smiled and replied with “Hello”. Then, just as I get past the check point I hear two Chinese voices and one of them is Wei. My first thoughts were “did he stop us? Did he ask us something?” Quickly tones changed and I realized that this is not a conversation but a verbal fight. While I start to worry we’re in trouble Wei shows no signs of backing down and people passing stare at us. We finally walk away, Wei furious and holding the hand of a very confused looking foreigner. After we are a fare distance away she fills me in, sort of. Apparently the male guard was flirting with me, words were exchanged and if she can’t put in a complaint then she has decided to call the cops on him. She went to put in a complaint but the guy we speak with says all the guard will get is a slap on the wrist so to speak. Now Wei is pissed, I’m tired and I just want to go home and forget all this and rest; why spend all our energy on this? Well, we got internet but Wei’s had it thus far and apparently made sure her complaint went through; if not she’ll pull her friends into this. As for me, the victim? I don’t speak Chinese so let them say what they want..for now. Honestly, I want nothing more to do with this and can only hope I don’t have to pass that security guard tomorrow.


Red Cat Firsts:

~ Doing laundry
~ Hanging laundry up
~ Seeing a woman argue
~ Seeing Wei fight verbally
~ Feeling unsafe

bound4home says:
Yes I agree. It is best the way you handle it..then no problems.
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
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