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One of the pleasures I have received from being in China, and merely by pure luck, was that of watching the eclipse. Apparently the last one was 500 years ago and only China or parts of it were able to experience this phenomenon. I heard that many foreigners came simply to see this wondrous and curious sight. Well let me just say I had to work this day but the whole school was enthralled by this so the morning was mostly spent in anticipation. I waited for others to try out the custom made glasses for this event before giving it a shot myself and while it was kind of difficult to see it I did manage to see a slice of the sun as it began to disappear before my very eyes.


It was just like in the movies, a growing darkness over the land that spreads slowly at first then rapidly darkens. Soon it was pitch-black; just like at night with the exception it was nearly 9:30am in the morning. Kids cried out with excitement, teachers all gazed up at the sky, some children even ran around screaming it was just such an interesting phenomena. As for me, I looked up in wonder, I walked around amazed that street lights need be on in the morning; that mere minutes ago it was a bright, hot sunny day. It was beautiful, it was frightening, it was enthralling all the same.


When I looked up once more the eclipse began to wane and soon a bright light shot from the sky. Kids were rushed inside so as not to hurt their eyes, I quickly looked away but was granted a headache for my brief glance. I found myself a pair of glasses once more and saw the most spectacular sight; a sliver of the sun just as you see a sliver of the moon on some clear night skies. It was beautiful. That simple really and because I love the night I was sad to see it go but pleased it came to me in the day.


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~ Seeing an eclispse

bound4home says:
What an amazing experience.
Posted on: Jul 26, 2009
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