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(name of dish to come) Some rice wraped in.. corn leaves?

~ May 13th ~ Journey Day Eight ~

Today I faced a class of 21 students, with the help of a fellow teacher of course. It wasn’t so bad, I was able to share a bit about my country, what I liked and disliked about China etc. The real fun came in trying new foods. At lunch we were given the usual rice and some dishes to eat with it, but never in my life had I ever tried eating a duck egg. Now, as the reader I am going to update you on a little piece of information. I dislike eating eggs. As of late they make me sick, my stomach hurts after eating them. However, duck egg.. how could I pass this up and a chance to try a little tradition too? So after showing my fellow teacher where the tear part was on the package he showed me a Chinese tradition.  We “cheered” our eggs together (basically hit them together) and whomever’s does not break is the stronger of the two, more powerful and influential. Well, needless to say mine was the one that didn’t break *smiles* Still, was it worth eating that duck? I mean, egg? It was very salty and thus not to my taste.

I love these! Not sure what they are but Sunny bought them for me as a gift when she visted. (name of dish to come)They are very sweet tasting.
Also, I swear I crunched down on his little beak and feet. Poor baby duck, he was probably well on his developed way.

Other highlights of the night were teaching the English corner. I met five kids by the names of Susan, Julia, Fable, Jake and Tony. All great kids and we had a blast. When I lost at a game they would teach me a Chinese word (oh why did they choose such hard words!?!?!) and if one of them lost, the used an English word in a sentence (they were way too smart I think). There were points, competitions and plenty of running around to be had. They were quite elated and tired at the end of the day and the parents were pleased with what they saw. Dare I say I enjoyed myself too?

Just another successful day in the life of a RedCat.

RedCat Ate:
Sticky Rice
Preserved duck egg
(to be continued)

RedCat Firsts:
Eating duck eggs
Talking about my country to Chinese kids
Walking certain parts of Wuhan
bound4home says:
Interesting food you get to try
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
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(name of dish to come)
Some rice …
(name of dish to come) Some rice…
I love these! Not sure what they a…
I love these! Not sure what they …
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